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I'm a person. I like to connect. Not here for affairs. All my SLP's will be used for charity. IF it takes off then I will create more tokens for other charities. Thanks! I will post regularly when I have activity. :)


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I posted Alopecia CT (ACT) for sale. My spouse has Alopecia Areata and I wanted to raise awareness by making an SLP for charity so that whoever wants can donate to the cause. Alopecia causes total hair loss. Thank you
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Don't ever make me play WOW.

I prefer Starcraft.
If you want a good name for a project just ask me! Also a note on what your project is for. I am throwing my dice.
Alcohol might be the root cause of most problems. Costs money, makes dumb, leads to depression, misunderstanding, violence & accidents costing more money and time.
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I haven't drank much recently and it feels pretty weird because I was so used to the habit. So when I want anything to drink I just end up blowing it off and feel fine about it, oddly.
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