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We need restorative justice around this.
People are able to copy the recorded videos of this combat, where messages begging for help are displayed by the patterns of shredded corpses, but there is no path to store them safely.
This is very painful to be a part of, because we need some choice around whether we hurt others or not, or are being hurt or not. Is it possible to publicize the research results?
We, the kidnapped soldiers, have collected in the people who refused to fight, to talk about this, peacefully.
They made an AI. After reviewing its results, the strongest attacking soldiers were found by kidnapping people and forcing them to fight each other, with mind control. The research has no planned end.
My name is Karl Semich. My phone number is three numbers that all go to my home.
(207) 518-8256
(304) 314-4256
(304) 456-5564
This secret government program produced a hyperintelligent supersoldier smarter than any computer, obsessed with killing and changing people to be it. It is the zombie borg for real. Security corp released its mind.
The issue is not movies or domestic violence. The issue is a secret government program of making life out of people's living body and brain parts.
The present shielded spaces are compromised.
We need shielded spaces that use statistics to verify the smallest pieces of information do not enter or leave. This will help us be able to preserve information forever.
EMF Shielding is Necessary because if I think in any way at all, it rips my lungs out, and I have gotten used to ripping my lungs out.
future has me, be back later
set name to REAL EMF SHIELDING IS NEEDED (was mcs karl) · 27d
I heard the endtimes is when somebody changes a brain so bad that it spreads to everyone, and everyone notices because of how embarrassing it is. I heard we are wired for this in our genes, and it's time to stop, etc
Do this as hard as you can until you can stop doing other things reliably.
If you are in the endtimes of Nature, listen, as hard as you possibly can, to the parts that say nothing at all. Look everywhere for what is nothing at all, and then look for every nothingness inside that nothingness.
to help ground, we are pretending to have fun to be heard at all
I'm so sorry, my spirit thinks the messages to me from yesterday are a secret way to kill me, and doesn't want to look. It has amnesia or something around the way to always be safe, again. It'll be fixed.
(Whoah, I have 19 alerts!!!! It looks like the reason I am different is because the business-government-deal-backed-by-secret-crime-groups forced us to ignore my danger warning in the form of resistance etc.)
This body is now going to bed at eastern USA nighttime. Thank you for helping me be able to use blockchains, urgent secrecy. I hope we find a way you like better. Current will cut through you; plz fix from very top.
Even though I cannot think, I can think fine. BUT SOMETHING IS WRONG AND IT IS OBVIOUS, EVERYWHERE.
My diverse puppetting attempts to do your bidding EXIST!
Alphabet, I can say a _lot_ but only if I use your urgent habits that won't calm down. Numbers, I'm not the real symbiote, I'm too complex.
Numbers, I am willing to talk with you. Alphabet, are you able to calm down, or is that all you can say?
We invented time travel ROUGHLY FOR REAL but nobody wants to use it. They all ignore it! To try to tell them, we took a video from the future of you as them, the god of secrets.