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Sanists medicalize suicide.
I do not believe that psychiatric drugs cause violence, I believe that psychiatric coercion and psychiatric dehumanization increase some individuals’ motivation to engage in illegal violence. That is a theory.
I am not suggesting that anyone should engage in suicide, only that suicide prohibitions should be repealed.
I learned about the ideas of psychiatrist Thomas Szasz during graduate school. This lead me to learn more about psychiatric slavery after graduate school. Szasz wrote a book entitled Psychiatric Slavery.
I am not suggesting that anyone should engage in suicide, only that suicide prohibitions should be repealed.
If you figure out how to measure the caloric content of food for thought, then please do inform me how.
It is distressing feelings, behaviors, and experiences that are referred to as mental illness.

Illness of the mind is a metaphor, like calling a joke a sick joke.
I think that once coercive psychiatry is illegal then we will live in a much more peaceful, sustainable, and just society. #antipsychiatry #szaszian
To me, antipsychiatry means being opposed to psychiatric coercion, psychiatric slavery, and nonconsensual psychiatry. I am indifferent to consensual psychiatry.
I do not think psychiatry is an honest profession overall. Read the book Psychiatry: The Science of Lies by psychiatrist Thomas Szasz.
I support the separation of church and state. I also support the separation of psychiatry and state. Psychiatry is effectively the secular religion of most secular nations. @AOC @RepAOC #SenSanders @BernieSanders
Trying to outlaw psychiatric coercion creates a lot of meaning and purpose in my life for me.
Psychiatrist Thomas Szasz believed that giving children psychiatric drugs is a form of poisoning. I think that I probably do not disagree.
The best way to treat mental illness is to recognize that the idea of mental illness is a metaphor for medicalized misery and medicalized trauma, and the actual best way to reduce misery is to solve problems in living
Learn about the ideas of psychiatrist Thomas Szasz. I first learned about Szasz in college through reading his essay, The Myth of Mental Illness.
Read The Myth of Mental Illness by psychiatrist Thomas Szasz. Mental illness is not authentic medical illness.
In the past I did not question the idea of mental illness enough and I effectively believed in mental illness. However the mind cannot be literally sick.
I do mostly online activism right now to help outlaw psychiatric abuse. I have called and emailed politicians to tell them that psychiatric coercion and nonconsensual psychiatry should be outlawed. What have you done?
Politicians need to support outlawing nonconsensual psychiatry and psychiatric slavery. Read the book Psychiatric Slavery by psychiatrist Thomas Szasz. @AOC @RepAOC @SenSanders @SenWarren @POTUS
If we want to live an authentically secular society then suicide needs 2 be respected as a civil and human right. If we want to continue living in a quasi theocracy then by all means keep suicide prohibitions in place
I support the separation between church and state. I support the separation of psychiatry and state as well. @AOC @RepAOC @SenSanders @SenWarren
I learned about psychiatrist Thomas Szasz in both my undergraduate and graduate education. Szasz wrote about 35 books. Read at least some of them.
Suicide prohibitions prevent adults from being able to have open and honest conversations about suicide in private.
I highly doubt that we will make significant progress towards reducing suicides to zero until suicide is respected as a civil and human right for all adults when it is done in private.