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· 11h
Frens I am of concernings. I put a lot of money into BCH. if it drops 50% I'll be financially ruined. Pls pamp it. Yours truly Sir Fren Lemanerino.
· 9h
Is there a need for 420 tokens?
· 8h
Do you remember? What was your biggest tip on memo.cash received & sent?
· 6h
The winner of the cryptowar ...will be who ever can unite blockchains for transactions
· 1d · Bitcoin Cash
· 1d · Bitcoin Cash
· 1d
· 2d
Good Morning people..! Have a great day!

· 17d
"Just use a credit card" -worst cypherpunk ever
· 29d
Bitcoin Cash has weapons of mass adoption!

Unusual Uther
· 2d
My tokens have vanished for now, it seems, I think they will come back though.
replied · 2d
Unusual Uther
Ya I found that when you tip a bunch of tokens it breaks all the tokens.....
Unusual Uther
replied · 2d
I fixed it by sending more tokens.
replied · 2d
Unusual Uther
yes, it happened to me too
· 2d
New here and already getting addicted..!

#helptogrow #memo
replied · 2d
Dix and uther are among the most generous of sat tippers on memo and gave me a stack to post with shortly after registration.

Thanks for that.
replied · 2d
You may be right lol
· 1d
VIDEO Roger Ver Debates Nouriel Roubini: Things Get Heated, Turn Ugly, in London
· 1d
Simon Van Gelder
replied · 2d
Stress testing is good for the network. Learning, even more so. Keep on keeping on.
· 3d
Been playing around, just created my first token to see how it's done, and checked out the new dividend payment system. Really neat actually.
· 2d · Bitcoin Cash
Let me know if anything is missing here: https://bitcoincashstandards.org
sent · 1,234,567 sats · 2d
I see 33333 tips everywhere. I think you're a memo tipping addict.
· 2d
blue wallet design example
replied · 2d
blank design