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That's the idea. The guys behind IPFS are working on Filecoin, which attempts to incentivize hosting files on the IPFS network.
I agree that Bernie Sanders should champion outlawing psychiatric coercion and non-consensual psychiatry.

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· 7 days ago
I fully agree with what you're saying. If you need help and as long you're not hurting others or not at risk at hurting others you should not be forced into treatment. #mentalillness
posted · 9 days ago
Introducing Oyo.cash - search the Bitcoin Cash blockchain for text - https://oyo.cash
All the latest #BitcoinCash news presented by Roger Ver and Mate Tokay (COO Of Bitcoin.com)
Agreed but Trump is deficient on more than just his morals.
The first PHP library to make CashID easy to implement is released and can be found on https://gitlab.com/cashid/libraries
bitcoin cash price
Well this is just a racket now ;)
posted · 14 days ago
Read blog posts for free on https://jaredschlar.blogspot.com/ related to Crypto and Bitcoin Cash.
posted · 18 days ago
BCH development is exploding. I can't even keep up with the amazing services using OP_RETURN.
yeah, think we can all agree we dont want convicted rapists on the SC but just people who have been accused? that's insane.
https://GreenPages.cash now supports tags! You can now easily add tags to your listing to help others better find it in a search.
Technical question:
How many TPS is BCH capable of today in its current state? Also will the TPS be increased in the November update?
You should simply not list any merchant who does not accept zero conf as it is a bad user experience.
Roger Ver sits down with John McAfee in a sincere conversation between friends
Just revamped the "table view" on https://GreenPages.cash to allow you to easily sort by name, rating, location (& desc, though idk why you would), as well as some much improved pagination functionality. Cheers!
Is memo.cash even censored in China? Im posting this from a VPN server hosted in Hong Kong, so..?
Get enough people on memo, Yours, and Matter, and our collective social interaction will essentially be a "basic income".
Why Manna? I have a manna account too...
I'm using BCH to even talk with you.
I'm not against it. Curious what your specific reason is.
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· 19 days ago
Mike, even if we disagree on a few issues, I still love Bitcoin Cash and I know you do too.
Great idea. Updated!
Tippr bot for YouTube can really help content crea..
Could we adjust PROFILES->NEW to allow tipping new sign-ons ->lacking names<- ? This would help onboard new accounts to quiickly tip them enough BCH to set name and begin posting...