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a mother of two lovely kids living in a small and simple house

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It's more fun too give out lots of small tips than it is too give out a small amount of big tips. It also seems more fun too receive lots of tips compared too a few tips.
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yep that is true
Good morning Memo buddies, from my side of the world. Have a blessed day ahead.
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It has to be.
I am not an expert by no means, in fact I am an alcoholic, but... I am pretty sure crypto currency prices will continue too rise.
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Soar high up to the moon🚀🌙
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Will u still tip this one?
replied 133d
Hey ,I thought you would tip my fridge i was still hoping,.😊
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How to be your friend ? Been following you on telegram but Im afraid to send you message. Anyway Good day to you.
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Here's my empty fridge @Uther

sent · 555 sats 135d
Good day Sir, can i ask you something today😢 you promise you will give me funds, Im hoping for it today, It's Mothers Day Today but i wish to buy foods for entire 3 days for my family. 🙏
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replied 135d
Can i send mine too i need funds very badly today.
Sleeping makes me forget my burdens.
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Hoping for tips here @georgengelmann
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Tie a yellow ribbon round the oled oak tree
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Dr. Uther 1MBFpC
hello how are you?
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Dr. Uther 17Xudk
You're so generous Sir i wish there were many more like you in this world.
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Who wrote the longest two word sentence? The person with the highest votes will receive the prize money of 500,000 Satoshis
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Hello dear how are you?
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Here's my favorite always wanted to have this thing for my daughter
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My 2 feet tall Christmas tree there is no light installed cos i can't afford to buy it. This is the most chepaest one.
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Hi Uther hope you will still consider helping me even small amount for Christmas🙏