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Just watched this video. Quite funny. Very very interesting conversation overall.
Who rules this dungeon?
I watched the "Darkest Hour" "Green Book" "Me and Earl and the Dying Girl" and "Johnny English" on the flights between Korea and the US. They were all great movies.
Oh Liberty, what crimes are committed in Thy name! Oh Justice, what innocents are punished in Thy name!
I just enabled big memos. It is an interesting change. Twitter was successful because of (or despite?) its restrictive short form. I did always feel like the previous memos were too short. So this is great for me.
If there is a way to embed unique identifiers into every cigarette, connect it to the pack, which is then connected to the merchant, which is then connected to the buyer.... boom, no one can "carelessly" throw butts.
I hate trash. I want to build a system of IOT on Metanet-- the Internet of Trash. People will be so much more responsible about their trash if every can was connected to their credit card. No cigarette butts anywhere.
I am moving to a 1 bedroom for the first time next year. First time without a roommate and on my own! Scary and exciting. The rent is pretty fucking high though.
↑ These two agree that BCH > BSV. I think it is quite telling.
Stop hitting people over the head with facts. BCH people will start to listen once the accumulated POW flippens and BSV is the longer chain. We can only hope that this happens soon.
This place is awful now. Everyone thinks they know best and everyone else is a sock puppet, lazy, or a fucking idiot. It's a war zone and it's gonna get worse.
I just took a look at my ABC.memo.cash and SV.memo.cash sites. The last time I looked 9 days ago, I had the same notifications. This time I count 27 on the ABC side, 23 on the SV side.
Anything But Craig coiners mistakenly believe that proof-of-exchange = Nakamoto Consensus. Might as well go back to core. This is NOT about personalities. It's about US.
I bet that BCH will be over 85% crypto market cap by 12/31/2022. JP says that it will not. The loser must treat the winner to a vacation of his choice. If JP makes over $500K from crypto, he will pay for a week in CO.
Dear Jihan, CSW, Roger etc. If you are a BCH lover, why not use memo?
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The left cannot answer the Resource Management Problem (prices/central planning/resource based economy) and the right cannot answer the RMP (externalities/enivronment/Piketty).
I don't want to spout some centrist bullshit posturing, but rather that if both sides (left v right) continue to argue as if they have the ultimate answer to life, it's not going to end well.
So far the only conclusion I can make is that as humans we do not fully understand ourselves enough to say that one system is the best system. We should be more careful students of history.
Who are the fucking capitalists? Who are the proletariat? What about a worker who owns stocks or a pensioner with commercial property? What about inventors who go on to become corporate tycoons?
A classic misunderstandings from CEO of Abra wallet. Bitcoin is not a software.
Ah, but one might learn a little more about oneself and others, and how we ourselves sling mud at our faces. That is surely the best of lessons.
I don't trust the "best thinkers". I believe in this primordial goop of ideas and conflicts a new system will arise. Our agreements and disagreements must provoke even more thought & emotions.
Hi everyone! There is no rational reason to believe that a complete answer to economics have been found already. If we use our imaginations, perhaps we can synthesize the disaprate elements.
Yours is evolving.

As users realize that begging is not paying out, they are starting to provide actual content. I loved the Venezuelan AMA post. There is also several Eat BCH competitors. Good!