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I know as much as you do now.
Probably not, at least until BSV (sustainably) beats BTC in price. That is the best thing about price. It removes fear, uncertainty, and doubt.
If there is a way to embed unique identifiers into every cigarette, connect it to the pack, which is then connected to the merchant, which is then connected to the buyer.... boom, no one can "carelessly" throw butts.
I hate trash. I want to build a system of IOT on Metanet-- the Internet of Trash. People will be so much more responsible about their trash if every can was connected to their credit card. No cigarette butts anywhere.
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· 28 days ago
Well. Now I know that Poppy exists.
I am not entirely happy about that.
She doesn't want to cohabitate before marriage and I don't want to get married ASAP just for cheap rent.
I am moving to a 1 bedroom for the first time next year. First time without a roommate and on my own! Scary and exciting. The rent is pretty fucking high though.
AWESOME, thank you!
↑ These two agree that BCH > BSV. I think it is quite telling.
Agreed. All this should have happened last August. That being said, I believe that the ABC side made a terrible mistake when they added checkpoints and colluded with exchanges.
Despite all the posturing BCH and BSV are still in the middle of the hash war--no replay protection yet-- and that is why I even mention the POW metric.
Instead they added replay protection and started an altcoin, which I supported because it followed the whitepaper. Mistake number two was forking away from the whitepaper.
Well, Jihan Wu and Roger Ver should have rented hash to fight a hash war with Core instead of forking off to BCH. This was mistake number one.
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· 37 days ago
Stop hitting people over the head with facts. BCH people will start to listen once the accumulated POW flippens and BSV is the longer chain. We can only hope that this happens soon.
This place is awful now. Everyone thinks they know best and everyone else is a sock puppet, lazy, or a fucking idiot. It's a war zone and it's gonna get worse.
메모에서 나온 총 트랜잭션수가 300,000개를 돌파!
I just took a look at my ABC.memo.cash and SV.memo.cash sites. The last time I looked 9 days ago, I had the same notifications. This time I count 27 on the ABC side, 23 on the SV side.
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· 48 days ago
the only non split coins i have are on this account. I actually don't know what will happen once my original utxo runs out.
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