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I am a human being and I am interested in human beings.


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Hi there, please consider the opposing point of view before coming to conclusions. CSW has claimed (before this signing) that this list of addresses is fake.
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here you go: https://www.scribd.com/document/372445141/Exhibit-11
I cannot guarantee this document is the original court documents.
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we are going to get rememos eventually right?
Remy 2020!

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I chuckled.
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There are so many legitimate criticisms of Trump, but his hysterical opposition insists on seeing demented White Supremacist and Russian conspiracies around every corner instead.
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Beautiful! Nice job on the paintwork.

Also love your website 100% throwback to the 90s.
TGIF! It was a good day, cruised my classic ‘66 Chevelle to work and lunch with friends today, been workin’ on her for over 20 years now... what’d’ya think? ;)
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Why are you leaving memo?
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Check this out too.
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I found a channel you might like. You might know already but here it is.

We are both critical of capitalism, and I think you might enjoy.