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Lovely Flower
replied 15h
Let take our breakfast everyone
Good morning
replied 1d
Hi sir . This is my empty ref . Hope you notice me sir.
replied 2d
Hi sir uther . Hoping you notice me too . This is my fridge. Hoping you can help me to buy some foods .
Happy Bch Month
And also my BirthMonth 😍😍😍
Give us bless 😊😊😊
replied 4d
Thankyou sir
replied 4d
Help me.please for food sir . Please
replied 4d
I tried my best to survive my plants but its tottaly dried . And died .
replied 4d
I promise to plants tomato . But hoping you help me this te.sir . We dont have any food sir . Please
replied 4d
Notice me sir pleaseee
replied 4d pleaseee🙏🙏😭😭😭😭
replied 4d
Help me sir to buy foods sir .
sent · 555 sats 4d
Help me sir . My eggplats is died
replied 4d
Help me sirpleaee
replied 4d
There is a sunlight i just put some.water in my plants but its they still dired leaves
replied 4d
I hope my eggplants is like that . But look at this small and also they are die .help me sir . Please
replied 4d
Hope you help me sir . For foods 😢😢😢
replied 4d
Unusual Uther
Hope you help me sir uther .
replied 4d
Unusual Uther
Sir . Uther please help me. My plants is not groaing in a good way . I dont have any food here hoping you help me sir
replied 4d
Unusual Uther
Hi sir . Hope you help me . My eggplants is tottally died . Look at this. For food today sir . Please

replied 4d
Unusual Uther
Lol . Thankyou . Hoping you help me to celebrate my birthday in the simple way.
My BirthMonth
Welcome August
replied 4d
replied 6d
Thankyou sir .