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🎼 Help outlaw psychiatric coercion. Read the book Untamed Tongue by psychiatrist Thomas Szasz. Read book Outlaw Psychiatric Slavery 🎶

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Psychiatrist Thomas Szasz wrote a decent amount about personal responsibility. Read the book Psychiatry: The Science of Lies by Dr. Szasz.
You do know that nonconsensual psychiatry is legal under certain circumstances, yes? #szaszian
Books by psychiatrist Thomas Szasz....

Maybe read the book Psychiatric Slavery by psychiatrist Thomas Szasz.
Have you read any books by psychiatrist Thomas Szasz like The Untamed Tongue?
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Just outlawing psychiatric coercion might force us to solve a lot of problems that we currently ignore and/or medicalize.
Try calling out psychiatry! Read the book Heresies by psychiatrist Thomas Szasz.
Be Szaszian?

Read books that psychiatrist Thomas Szasz wrote, like Cruel Compassion, Suicide Prohibition, and Psychiatric Slavery.
Psychiatry is inquisitorial in nature. You cannot prove psychiatric innocence since psychiatric labels are subjective to begin with.
In order for psychiatric abuse to finally be outlawed, a critical mass of individuals needs to be engaging in both online and offline activism.
Psychiatry has subjectivity firmly welded to its metaphorical foundations. Psychiatry is not real medicine; it only treats metaphorical diseases.
Psychiatry is scientistic not scientific.
Psychiatric coercion should be outlawed.
Outlaw psychiatric coercion.
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Read the book Pharmocracy by psychiatrist Thomas Szasz perhaps.
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All medical industry is based upon a religion of health services.
Their fundamental premise is that:
we must grant some 'high priest' authority over our personal health choices.
Psychiatric coercion should be outlawed.
We should outlaw the insanity defense. On Twitter and social media, please encourage politicians to outlaw the insanity defense. Read the book Insanity by psychiatrist Thomas Szasz.
Psychiatry is scientistic not scientific.
According to Dr. Thomas Szasz, Frankl performed and/or approved lobotomies.