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Find the value of win if f(y)=win

y(Bitcoin Cash)² - y = -SLP+y


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sent · 210,000 sats 1d
For your 112 sweet
5h · SOUR
5,000,000 #RFND will be airdropped to #SOUR holders with 200+ SOUR in one address on 2/27 around 11AM PST / 2PM EST / 7PM GMT. Rewards earned will be based on SOUR holdings.
replied 23d
I hope he/she will return the assets....
Someone just received 0.29 bch by mistake. If you can you return 0.25 to Goatpharmer here. Will appreciate your honesty and u can keep the 0.04 with my blessing
bought 25,000 RNEW for 600,000 satoshis (24 each) from 27d
29d · bitcoin cash
BTC.TOP mined blocks of max. 1,999.221 kB Many transactions have to wait for the next block
any document or website for the Cyfrog slp. Project?
34d · bitcoin
BTC mempool for over 2 weeks between 70 and 100 MB
listed 25,000 RNEW for 600,000 satoshis (24 each) SOLD 31d

34d · SOUR
0.30 BCH Airdrop to 🍋SOUR holders engaged!
Min bal - 200; 471 addrs
Total paid - 0.30050799 BCH
39d · SOUR
BCH & SLP Airdrops coming up 4 SOUR holders!
-> 0.30 BCH on 1/23. ~200 min
-> 5,000,000 RFND on 2/27. TBA min
-> 10,000 SOUR on 3/27. 300 min

Token Price per Seller Actions
1,000 GTU
750,000 so ( satosis 750) @GhostKevin (*) 28 trillion 800 billion=2,100,000,000,000,000 current market capitalization ? check the #math..#code #c++ #tradefree #crypto #slp
44d · Tokens
Looks like SLP tokens recently reached 1 million send transactions
Holy Condemns silencing of Freedom lover and long time patriot Ron Paul .
Freedom will prevail , God Bless
bought 6,736 SPICE for 2,290,240 satoshis (340 each) from 46d
sent 6,736 SPICE to 47d
listed 6,736 SPICE for 2,290,240 satoshis (340 each) SOLD 47d

sent 5,716 SPICE to 47d
listed 1,020 SPICE for 408,000 satoshis (400 each) CANCELLED 47d

listed 5,716 SPICE for 2,286,400 satoshis (400 each) CANCELLED 48d

25,000 holy being airdropped in a couple hours for any wallet holding over 5k holy.

57 current wallets
59d · member
When I deposit satoshis to my member address, the amount is initially unchanged. I have to update the UTXO server first, only then will the amount be displayed correctly.
60d · bitcoin cash
The use of BCH is increasing and the price of BCH is increasing.

Spread the word of BCH and the price will rise even more.
BTC is like a share. BCH is like a currency.