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· 5d
I want to give $500 of credit to #BitcoinCash #developers who are building BCH applications. We can work together to build better cloud infrastructure:
replied · 42d
Both. I have done no testing on NFT type tokens. But specifically, it does not support sweeping of different tokens. Like SPICE and HONK on the same wallet. That's not supported yet.
· 44d
#bitcoincash developers who need to run a legacy Insight API after this upcoming fork can use my updated Docker container. Thank you for paying for this!
· 46d
bch-api was just updated with a new REST API endpoint to allow for easy sweeping of SLP tokens from a paper wallet!
· 47d
This video discusses #JavaScript design patterns and testing best-practices that I follow. I created it to communicate these ideas with the people I work with.
· 50d
I've been blessed to do #remotework for about five years now. Both as manager and managed. This presentation captures the simple, successful approach I take to managing remote workers:
replied · 50d
I'll try to look into it. I don't have much bandwidth to follow progress on Dash, but I love what they are doing. Competition helps everyone.
replied · 51d
Zero-7 is a laid-back techno band. I've got a whole Pandora channel built around them. Chill grooves to write software to.
· 52d
Ha! It's always a pleasant surprise to wake up and find out that one of my community presentations made headlines:
· 53d
A video presentation on how developers can *earn* #bitcoincash by running and managing a REST API.
· 56d
Video walk through of a lightweight REST API dedicated to validating SLP token transactions. A much needed tool for anyone running SLP token infrastructure.
· 57d
A demo of a simple JWT-token-for-BCH prototype. A low-friction web app to let developers pay BCH in exchange for a JWT token to access a REST API or other web service, like SLPDB or BitDB.
· 60d
slp-cli-wallet v1.7.8 fixes bug that was preventing the sending of tokens on testnet. Use slp-sdk examples to create testnet tokens, then send them to your slp-cli-wallet.
replied · 64d
Current implementation only supports sweeping one class of token. If you put multiple classes of token on the wallet, it will throw an error. PRs welcome to improve this feature.
replied · 64d
Generate a paper wallet at Generate one on the command line with the `get-key` command. Sweep the private key with the `sweep` command.
· 64d
slp-cli-wallet v1.7.5 adds the ability to sweep a paper wallet that contains SLP tokens! This is an alpha release. Please try it and provide feedback:
· 65d
slp-cli-wallet v1.7.4 out. Moved to Blockbook API instead of Insight API as the indexer. It's slower, but anyone can run their own Blockbook infrastructure. See for details.
replied · 68d
Not yet. This was a big step in that direction.
· 69d
Massive update today for bch-js: v1.6.0

- All examples are working
- Updated documentation
- SLP token send and genesis working
- 0 vulnerabilities
· 69d
Massive update today for bch-js: v1.6.0

- All examples are working
- Updated documentation
- SLP token send and genesis working
- 0 vulnerabilities
replied · 69d
All software I publish is open source and MIT licensed. Primarily in node.js for back end stuff and Gatsby React for front end stuff. Contact me for guidance on where to find the code.
replied · 69d
Publish anonymous, uncensorable websites or sophisticated #javascript web apps. Get your message out to the world:
replied · 69d
Uncensorable, e2e encrypted chat in your web browser:

The encryption isn't perfect yet, but it's pretty good.
· 69d
Another great article by @jamieCrypto about crypto being used in #HongKongProtests:

I offer an open invitation to any protesters: contact me for help with uncensorable communications.
replied · 77d
Good question. It's an npm library, but I'm not family with the compatibility of react native.