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This is true. The tax burden in the USA is onerous.
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My paycheck is in BCH. I constantly buy and sell in order to acquire *more* BCH. I only trade small amount. e.g. I'll sell $1,000 of BCH at $420 then buy it back at $320.
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Playing to my strengths. It's an SLP token. I understand the tech. Plus I've read the audits of the company and verified they are as legit as it comes.
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What risk is that? What exactly is risky? And what's the time frame you are assuming?
I love how and USDH allow permissionless 'shorting' of BCH. When price spikes, it is usually followed by a correction. Those tools allow people to buy the dip and sell the peak, improving price stability.
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Ya. I can't believe that feature wasn't in the wallet. There is still Badger Wallet. That has sweep functionality, and it also works with SLP tokens now.
If you can follow this proposal on StackExchange, it would really help the #BitcoinCash developer community:
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Two things happened today: My father asked for help moving funds from an exchange to a paper wallet. Also a successful exchange in HK is suddenly shutting down.

Hence, the blog post.
Thought it was good time to write a step-by-step guide on how to hold #BitcoinCash on a paper wallet:
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That example is from the token-liquidity app running at If the TX contains 'BURN" in the OP_RETURN, it will burn tokens instead of trade them.
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Example reading the code 'BURN' from OP_RETURN to handle TX differently:
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These bch-js examples show how to read and write OP_RETURN data on-chain:
A demo and code walk-through for a REST API I created in #JavaScript to manage coins between a #CashShuffle and #CashFusion wallet. It generates large, anonymous #BitcoinCash UTXOs.

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Damn! Was just told that the updated version is not yet in the Android app store. I thought it had landed. Just waiting on Google approval. Normally hasn't taken this long.
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My recommendations:

Create an SLP paper wallet:

Make sure your using Badger mobile v0.13.0 or higher.
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Badger uses `m/44'/145'/0'/0/0` for BCH and `m/44'/245'/0'/0/0` for SLP tokens.
Badger Wallet for mobile phones now allow you to sweep SLP tokens from a paper wallet!

Get it:
I've released v1.0.0 of a benchmark test suite to help do an apples-to-apples comparison of performance of BCH infrastructure. It compares full nodes, indexers, etc. Developer review requested.
TIL: The 'getmempoolancestors' RPC command gives easy validation if spending a UTXO will fail due to the 25 unconfirmed-chained-utxo-limit. It return an array of child TXID. If 24 elements in size, the next will fail.
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55 million is approximately 1/7th of the population of the USA. How/when were 55 million people murdered?
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Bitcoin Cash Activist
Thank you! I'll put it towards the new miner I'm buying to support testnet.
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Bitcoin Cash Activist
This is a *testnet* faucet. Memo functions on *mainnet*. That's why you're having issues.
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Bitcoin Cash Activist
0.1 tBCH per day.