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Senior JavaScript Developer at, Founder of Permissionless Software Foundation - - open source incentivized with tokens.


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Welcome PSF community to your new community feed. You can interact with this service via We will soon have our own interface at
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Join the #BCHDevcon going on right now! Lasts for the next 72 hours. On Discord:

Home page:

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The Post Office pays the BCH miner fees, in exchange for the SLP token. It's essentially an on-the-fly trade: tokens for enough BCH to pay the miner fees. All within one TX.
50d has the prototype #opensource SLP Post Office integrated into it. Here is a video demo:

You can send PSF tokens without any BCH.
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I'm not making any complaints. Just pointing out the landscape I see. I'm not very familiar with Monero.
My thoughts on the current #BitcoinCash business landscape and community:
Looking for a junior #JavaScript developer to write #BitcoinCash apps. $10 per hour. You will be mentored. Targeting Argentina, Venezuela, and Brazil. Send me code your CV & code.
The first PSF funding air-drop was a huge success. Starting to create bounty-tagged tasks for #JavaScript #BitcoinCash developers to claim:
#BitcoinCash community: please participate in our first funding-token air-drop. It's an important part of PSF community governance, and helps us understand what you need us to focus on.

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Here is the video:
Imagine if people en-masse sold their assets and used cryptocurrencies to move their wealth to governments and economies in-line with their ideals?

The Uncensorable Publishing website has a new home page:
A new developer walk-through video published to YouTube on NFT (non-fungible tokens). It shows how to create, mint, and send NFT tokens.

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The YouTube video:
Part 3 video has been published, demoing an app for sending encrypted, uncensorable files to one another.
Part 2, prototype demo for sending e2e encrypted, uncensorable messages and files of any size using BCH and IPFS: