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Senior JavaScript Developer at, Founder of Permissionless Software Foundation - - open source incentivized with tokens.


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· 22h
slp-cli-wallet v1.7.8 fixes bug that was preventing the sending of tokens on testnet. Use slp-sdk examples to create testnet tokens, then send them to your slp-cli-wallet.
· 4d
slp-cli-wallet v1.7.5 adds the ability to sweep a paper wallet that contains SLP tokens! This is an alpha release. Please try it and provide feedback:
· 6d
slp-cli-wallet v1.7.4 out. Moved to Blockbook API instead of Insight API as the indexer. It's slower, but anyone can run their own Blockbook infrastructure. See for details.
· 9d
Massive update today for bch-js: v1.6.0

- All examples are working
- Updated documentation
- SLP token send and genesis working
- 0 vulnerabilities
· 9d
Massive update today for bch-js: v1.6.0

- All examples are working
- Updated documentation
- SLP token send and genesis working
- 0 vulnerabilities
· 10d
Another great article by @jamieCrypto about crypto being used in #HongKongProtests:

I offer an open invitation to any protesters: contact me for help with uncensorable communications.
· 20d
This #javascript npm library allows your apps to easily add #BitcoinCash and #SLP token functionality. Create an HD wallet. Send and receive #BCH or tokens. #buidl
· 22d
Thinking through a possible #BitcoinCash business model for the Permissionless Software Foundation, using NCFSs, #SLP tokens, and microtransactions:
· 27d
I created this video to help contestents in the SLP hackathon. A walkthrough on how to set up a development environment, create tokens, mint tokens, and send tokens.
· 28d
Helped another #BCH dev get a job today. The biggest thing entrepreneurs are looking for is someone to guide them through the hype.

Money is coming back into the space. Let's make sure to keep it real this time.
· 28d
The prize pool for the #SLPVH hackathon is growing!

#BCH + #SLP prizes

Excellent opportunity for #Venezuela and #Philippine devs to make money.
· 33d
The Research page on my uncensorable website got a much needed UI improvement:
· 38d
bch-cli-wallet is now using a more robust infrastructure for dealing with testnet:

Another dev is working on a 'derivation' command to easily switch derivation paths.
· 40d
Looking for someone willing to mine on testnet. There are about 61K orphaned txs that need rescuing. I can write a script to do it, but need to connect my node directly to a mining node.

#dailymemo #bitcoincash
· 40d
Alpha release of bch-cli-wallet with SLP token support available. This is a #javascript wallet for #bitcoincash. Devs are encouraged to play with it. No npm. Git only.
· 43d
I updated my full node Docker container to work with ABC v0.20.0:

Currently looking into ways to avoid rejecting 1 sat/byte txs in spurious fee markets like yesterday.
· 56d
I'm excited to launch A portable hard-drive with the BCH blockchain and several indexers pre-synced. Everything to run and BITBOX locally. Telegram channel:
· 61d
Ok. Second try. I'm posting this tweet to, it should automatically post to my account on Twitter. "Can you hear me now?"
· 61d
#dailymemo trying out the new to Twitter integration that links my accounts. Is this showing up on Twitter???
· 61d
#dailymemo Just added paper wallet and 'sweep' functionality to bch-cli-wallet using #BITBOX #JavaScript library:
sent · 1,000 sats · 62d
Hey, is funded somehow? I'm wondering if you'd be interested in a token like to fund help from open source developers. Check out the biz plan. Interested? Contact me.
· 63d
#dailymemo did you notice now has a DEX for SLP tokens?
· 116d
I wanted to help someone in #Venezuela. I'm tutoring a novice #JavaScript developer as he writes #opensource software. We don't have to consider what governments or banks think about it
· 118d
Is this of interest to you? What are your thoughts? Interested in feedback from the BCH community.

· 132d
Really inspiring and educational: