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Senior JavaScript Developer at, Founder of Permissionless Software Foundation - - open source incentivized with tokens.


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I'm excited to launch A portable hard-drive with the BCH blockchain and several indexers pre-synced. Everything to run and BITBOX locally. Telegram channel:
Ok. Second try. I'm posting this tweet to, it should automatically post to my account on Twitter. "Can you hear me now?"
#dailymemo trying out the new to Twitter integration that links my accounts. Is this showing up on Twitter???
#dailymemo Just added paper wallet and 'sweep' functionality to bch-cli-wallet using #BITBOX #JavaScript library:
sent · 1,000 sats · 7d
Hey, is funded somehow? I'm wondering if you'd be interested in a token like to fund help from open source developers. Check out the biz plan. Interested? Contact me.
#dailymemo did you notice now has a DEX for SLP tokens?
I wanted to help someone in #Venezuela. I'm tutoring a novice #JavaScript developer as he writes #opensource software. We don't have to consider what governments or banks think about it
Is this of interest to you? What are your thoughts? Interested in feedback from the BCH community.

Really inspiring and educational:
For digital money to work like 'cash', it needs to be as anonymous as cash. Bitcoin Cash is now. Here's how:
Hopefully this walk-through video will help other developers play with the the JavaScript @CashShuffle library and incorporate it into their own wallet implementations.

Just updated the research section of my blog with a bunch of dev-ops tips for working with #raspberrypi appliances:
Here is how to run a back-end server or web service in the clearnet or via Tor .onion address, then access it on a censhorship-resistant IPFS-ready front end:
If used a decentralized front end and tor-based back end, they could still be operating today. Learn how here:
Loving this beta version of Badger Mobile for Android phones, using SLP tokens and BCH:
I've been helping build the back-end infrastructure to enable token payments described in this video. Our first partnership with ACD will rocket BCH and SLP adoption!

Any other #javascript #developers out there that have tried both JavaScript and #typescript and end up preferring JavaScript? Why? Why not? Are your experiences similar to mine?
Aspiring BCH developers should learn to install and operate their own infrastructure. Great way to self-educate:
#dailmemo: Here is an example of a decentralized, uncensorable website distributed over IPFS
My little blog site is coming along:
I didn't want to spam this account with a memo every time I updated my blog, so I created this profile:

That will broadcast updates to my blog...
#dailymemo: Rolled the decentralized web server into a Docker container for easy installation:

Also a fork for RPis: