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Senior JavaScript Developer at, Founder of Permissionless Software Foundation - - open source incentivized with tokens.


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What is Bitcoin? Part 8, the almost-always answer to "Why don't they...?"

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Memo has reached 500,000 on-chain actions!
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Memo now supports Non-Fungible Tokens!
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Nicely done!
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Hey what about your plans to visit Venezuela?? Would you be interested to organise a Hackathon here and visit us in 3-6 months?
True - Avalanche does address the Zero-Conf issue,
but the problem is not Zero-Conf.
Credibility is built upon Reliability.
Occasional wayward blocks kill financial Credibility.
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But will the exchanges and other services accept secure zero-conf transactions as secure or will they still wait for confirmation?
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I think Avalanche might be the solution you're looking for. I'm not sure if instant blocks or altering difficulty would fix it
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I've been casually looking into other coin communities recently and none of them compare to BCH. They all seem to have similar goals but BCH has by far the most going for it. I'm convinced I chose right. #dailymemo
Judge tells Craig Wright: “Not Credible”, "Forged docs" called into question
I just gave my niece some BCH as gift for her namegiving. I will help ensure that it is safely stored until she is old enough to learn about it.
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Seems like replies between 2 folks w/ linked accounts also show up on twitter!
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You can now link your Twitter account in settings and automatically post Memos. Thanks @JettScythe for pushing for this, it's now a native feature :)
Inside Shapeshift: Regulators catching up to crypto
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I was wondering the same thing. I'd love to figure out a way to make development a full-time career. That's way the developers could focus more on new features to compete
Negative interest rates! What bitcoin means for the coming crash
Those who like their own posts. Not once, but five times, should be medicated. #dailymemo #bforbad
#dailymemo did you notice now has a DEX for SLP tokens?
Gavin for Satoshi <3

It seems that many people would rather give away trust than care about privacy and immutability. We're not in a war against other coins or even USD. We're in a war of convenience. #dailymemo
My fitbit is tracking my heartbeat and sending BCH transactions:
Interview with a Real Spy: How she breaks into things, and what you can learn
I just paid for Ben & Jerry's ice cream with Bitcoin Cash
Venezuela is not only OK it is the best place I have ever lived! Mining is legal and supported by the government! Electricity is free and rent is cheap! Government charges 1-3% tax that's it!