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Senior JavaScript Developer at, Founder of Permissionless Software Foundation - - open source incentivized with tokens.


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replied 2d
It's nice meeting you Chris on screen :)
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I recommend also including the text of the tweet if you really want a permanent record on the blockchain.
replied 2d
So, can you use this API to query memo posts in a certain timeframe, maybe?
sent · 1,000 sats 3d
Hi :-)

I just want to let you know that I get a cert warning for your site troutsblog - NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID

Just in case you haven't noticed :-)
Hydroxychloroquine: what the studies say, and what the risks are
There are a lot of changes going on in the world today, but
Coinbase is still hiring for both engineering and non-engineering roles! If you believe in our mission, I would love to talk to you!
Love Well I do, and want to get the zero balance wallet bug fixed. Help get this post more visibility!
How US Coronavirus Testing Failed So Badly
Been playing around with the member codebase and brought up an instance on my infra just for fun. Probably make some small changes when I am bored. You can check it out at! Thanks FreeTrade!
replied 18d
Thanks for all you do, Chris. The diligent, consistent, work and new developments haven’t gone unnoticed.
replied 22d
Never had these before, does it have a strong flavor? Great idea, I was actually just researching forage in my region for fun, may see if anything tasty grows nearby
replied 26d
Chris, you feeling okay? Is your family/community in good health?
#BCH volume in daily trading hits all time high today! 29 billion. WTF?!
Crypto funding crisis: Are some coins destined to die?
I'm working on a side project called
When you go to you can see my bch address, link, & a bunch of other pages :)
Create your own page and tell me what you think!
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If you live in the U.S it just doesn't make sense to do that. If the profits bump you into the next tax bracket, then your profits are eaten up by taxes.
65d · site status
The site is still experiencing slowness. The cause has been identified and an update is being worked on. Hopefully it will be out in the next day or so.
64d · Scammer Reporting
If you mute users their reputation percentage will go down to your followers. Then you can protect yourself by only purchasing tokens from users with good reputations.
replied 63d
Shame the sweep functions disappeared from wallet :(
71d · Coronavirus
Following Chris Martenson's updates:
What's REALLY going on in Hong Kong with the protests
replied 72d
Third time's the charm! Funded the wallet again just to be safe. Then swept the wallet successfully with Badger Wallet! 🎉

79d · site status
There was a site outage today caused by a full disk on the master db. It has been resolved and site has returned to normal functionality.
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