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Senior JavaScript Developer at, Founder of Permissionless Software Foundation - - open source incentivized with tokens.


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· 20d
Everything you need to know about Snowden's book "Permanent Record", and why he's being sued for it
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Down in Portland, at a friends.
replied · 24d
That looks wonderful. On the island?
· 22d
Thinking through a possible #BitcoinCash business model for the Permissionless Software Foundation, using NCFSs, #SLP tokens, and microtransactions:
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· 25d
It's going to be a wonderful day. Let's make the most of it.
replied · 27d
It is difficult for any Venezuelan to participate in a Hackathon that is limited in time without giving them any bonus. The internet here is slow... 10-20% more time would be fair.
replied · 27d
Good job!
· 27d
I created this video to help contestents in the SLP hackathon. A walkthrough on how to set up a development environment, create tokens, mint tokens, and send tokens.
· 28d
Helped another #BCH dev get a job today. The biggest thing entrepreneurs are looking for is someone to guide them through the hype.

Money is coming back into the space. Let's make sure to keep it real this time.
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· 28d
The prize pool for the #SLPVH hackathon is growing!

#BCH + #SLP prizes

Excellent opportunity for #Venezuela and #Philippine devs to make money.
· 29d
The Tokambrian Explosion—the Importance of Tokens to Bitcoin Cash.

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· 30d · site status
Memo site had a short outage due to a code update. The issue has been resolved, sorry for the inconvenience.
· 33d
Recent talk at Bitcoin Cash City Conference talking about wallet privacy!

· 33d
The Research page on my uncensorable website got a much needed UI improvement:
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Is taxation theft?
Yes 13 votes · 9,980 satoshis
No 5 votes · 1,555 satoshis


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You can message me on Twitter: @christroutner
Contact me on Telegram: @christroutner
Send me an email: [email protected]
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That's why I was thinking a #Venezuela team would be a great idea. $2,000 USD in prizes so far, and there will probably be more. If anyone wants to start an #SLP team contact me.
replied · 37d
Yes I do know a few but they are busy working for money just like 99% of all the devs worldwide. Come to visit this place ASAP & stay here to support adoption, we must do it ourselves.
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Do you know any #Venezuela devs? I'd love to coach a team from there in the upcoming SLP hackathon.
Telegram channel:
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Don't listen to the voices of confused slaves... Make your own experience. Yes of course you can enter, Venezuela is a lovely welcoming place. You just have to apply for a VISA. Try it
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15.61 KB.

I don't have the price anymore but I think it was around 0.0003 BCH