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replied 22d
Never had these before, does it have a strong flavor? Great idea, I was actually just researching forage in my region for fun, may see if anything tasty grows nearby
replied 22d
I'm in the Pacific Northwest. Stinging nettles are in their optimal point for harvest. Around 2 feet tall or shorter.
replied 23d
Life hack: 1 teaspoon of bleach to 8 oz of water. Reusing a foaming hand soap bottle. I leave this in my vehicle, in the cup holder.

What is the *Best* currency possible? Article explores the concept and today's technology. There are two walk through videos at the end. #Venezuela
replied 26d
Chris, you feeling okay? Is your family/community in good health?
replied 26d
replied 26d
Yes! Everyone is healthy. Hunkered down, waiting for the virus contagion to peak. How are you?

FYI, this isn't my main account. This is an automated account for my blog.
replied 28d
This memo aged well. Glad I had some of my wealth in USDH. Now I can buy BCH back at a discount. Will write a article about it, I think.
#BCH volume in daily trading hits all time high today! 29 billion. WTF?!
Run CashFusion, CashShuffle, and Electron Cash on a remote machine. Increase liquidity, and run your mixing wallet 24/7. Take control of your financial privacy:

I love how this guide starts with the use-case of buying CBD oil off the dark net. It's a great example of something that is legal in the USA, but illegal elsewhere.
replied 47d
Woop woop! I finally made it into a Naomi Brockwell video! I'm a rock star!
Crypto funding crisis: Are some coins destined to die?
replied 47d
I got a chance to ask Amaury questions about the IFP. He provided lots of clarity in the last dev meeting:
I'm working on a side project called
When you go to you can see my bch address, link, & a bunch of other pages :)
Create your own page and tell me what you think!
What's better than #crypto? Crypto with lasers! Make your #BCH unconfiscatable by created plastic wallets and burying it like gold. Here's how:
replied 63d
If you live in the U.S it just doesn't make sense to do that. If the profits bump you into the next tax bracket, then your profits are eaten up by taxes.
replied 63d
This is true. The tax burden in the USA is onerous.
replied 63d
My paycheck is in BCH. I constantly buy and sell in order to acquire *more* BCH. I only trade small amount. e.g. I'll sell $1,000 of BCH at $420 then buy it back at $320.
replied 63d
Playing to my strengths. It's an SLP token. I understand the tech. Plus I've read the audits of the company and verified they are as legit as it comes.
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