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Senior JavaScript Developer at, Founder of Permissionless Software Foundation - - open source incentivized with tokens.


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Thanks for all you do, Chris. The diligent, consistent, work and new developments haven’t gone unnoticed.
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I want #BCH #programmers to be as decentralized as possible.
Updated the #BitTorrent links for downloading pre-synced blockchain data. These files help #FullStack #developers set up their own infrastructure for #JavaScript #BitcoinCash apps
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Nettles are one of the easiest wild foods to start with. They have a very pleasant flavor. Wear gloves, steam for 3 minutes to remove the stinging acid and tenderize the leaves.
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Never had these before, does it have a strong flavor? Great idea, I was actually just researching forage in my region for fun, may see if anything tasty grows nearby
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I'm in the Pacific Northwest. Stinging nettles are in their optimal point for harvest. Around 2 feet tall or shorter.
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Life hack: 1 teaspoon of bleach to 8 oz of water. Reusing a foaming hand soap bottle. I leave this in my vehicle, in the cup holder.

What is the *Best* currency possible? Article explores the concept and today's technology. There are two walk through videos at the end. #Venezuela
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Chris, you feeling okay? Is your family/community in good health?
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Yes! Everyone is healthy. Hunkered down, waiting for the virus contagion to peak. How are you?

FYI, this isn't my main account. This is an automated account for my blog.
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This memo aged well. Glad I had some of my wealth in USDH. Now I can buy BCH back at a discount. Will write a article about it, I think.
#BCH volume in daily trading hits all time high today! 29 billion. WTF?!
Run CashFusion, CashShuffle, and Electron Cash on a remote machine. Increase liquidity, and run your mixing wallet 24/7. Take control of your financial privacy:

I love how this guide starts with the use-case of buying CBD oil off the dark net. It's a great example of something that is legal in the USA, but illegal elsewhere.
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Woop woop! I finally made it into a Naomi Brockwell video! I'm a rock star!
Crypto funding crisis: Are some coins destined to die?
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I got a chance to ask Amaury questions about the IFP. He provided lots of clarity in the last dev meeting:
I'm working on a side project called
When you go to you can see my bch address, link, & a bunch of other pages :)
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