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3d · site status
There was a site outage today caused by a full disk on the master db. It has been resolved and site has returned to normal functionality.
I've released v1.0.0 of a benchmark test suite to help do an apples-to-apples comparison of performance of BCH infrastructure. It compares full nodes, indexers, etc. Developer review requested.
TIL: The 'getmempoolancestors' RPC command gives easy validation if spending a UTXO will fail due to the 25 unconfirmed-chained-utxo-limit. It return an array of child TXID. If 24 elements in size, the next will fail.
Privacy Coins and Private Bitcoin Transactions
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55 million is approximately 1/7th of the population of the USA. How/when were 55 million people murdered?
Tonight someone tried to break into the place where I am sleeping. I called 911, I told them what's happening, all they wanted to know was my name & nationality. I hung up, then I scared the robbers away myself.
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Bitcoin Cash Activist
Thank you! I'll put it towards the new miner I'm buying to support testnet.
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Bitcoin Cash Activist
This is a *testnet* faucet. Memo functions on *mainnet*. That's why you're having issues.
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Bitcoin Cash Activist
0.1 tBCH per day.
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This post on the mathematics behind designing a community currency using #SLP tokens accompanies a serious upgrade to the token-liquidity app. I'd love feedback from #BitcoinCash #developers.
Simon Van Gelder
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Smart contracts are where it gets interesting. May use cases, non of which jive with traditional business models.
#Bitcoin is literally a protocol for establishing objective truth. #Freedom of expression is literally a byproduct of that protocol.
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I'm not very interested in smart contracts. Most of what people want to do with smart contracts is easier to achieve off-chain. There are very few use-cases that require on-chain.
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Do you have any role or vested interest in the smart contract developments of the blockchain? What does your heart lie?
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I have no idea. I'm not really following the progression of Nimbus. It's a great idea, but not anything that effects my work.
I love having deep conversations about #opensource and #bitcoin #development:
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Thanks for your contribution in peer 2 peer cash
How to fund #opensource #bitcoin development is a hard problem to solve. I enjoyed some of the remarks on this thread, and added my own. My handle is trout-bch.
bch-js v2.1.7 released. Fixes a rounding error bug that can corrupt SLP token sends.
I was greatly honored to be invited to participate in the Bitcoin Cash core developer meeting: