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Any idea what Coinbase is going to do with the BCHA they split off of the BCH?
BCH: history, and recent split
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I'm starting to deprecated this account in favor of this one:

That account's BCH address is linked with for e2ee messages.
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PS: I did 'turn off' NoScript while attempting the test...
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Thanks for the feedback. I think this issue has been fixed.
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Thanks for the tokens, Chris. The platform is tip top.

Now I can criticize Pooh bear without damaging my social credit score.
In this periscope interview, I break down the forces behind the BCH fork, discuss ee2e encryption, and we get deep into different CoinJoin protocols.

Crypto Floodgates Open in Wyoming!!:4?r=JBjAdauAdeysMGVDbHMJpNSQzbcMyqYg
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Has to be sent through, which does end to end encryption and shares it through IPFS
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I responded. Cheers!
We just launched an e2ee messaging system at Send me a message: bitcoincash:qzf2zm2jr3t0yqvjfg5w3uw4sz2jcm842y8efvnw2t

I'll send you 5 PSF tokens.
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The funding round has been completed! Grants have received a 1:1 match of newly minted PSF tokens to fund this next quarters projects. Thank you community members for participating!
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If your account sends a message to this profile, and it holds PSF tokens, your memo will register in the community feed.
I finally added a README to my GitHub profile:
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Nice! I've been keeping my eye on that project. I might need to pick it up again.
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Hm it looks like is based on SSB but even more general... great !
This account was created to follow banned code and share ways of circumventing censorship around code that has been banned.
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Is anybofy around here using git-ssb ? It's a p2p implementation of Git over the Scuttlebutt protocol