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#BitcoinCash celebrates its 3rd birthday this 1 Aug 2020 as censorship-resistant peer-to-peer electronic cash for the world that actually scales!

This is one of the best 2 hour discussion of visions & ideas from various BCH wallet devs. Absolutely delightful!


#BCH #wallet #BitcoinCash
If getting your message heard in an uncensorable way is important, then spending less than 1/10th of a cent for a message should be a no-brainer "worth it" decision.

#memo #BitcoinCash
#BitcoinCash community: please participate in our first funding-token air-drop. It's an important part of PSF community governance, and helps us understand what you need us to focus on.

Hong Kong Freedom Destroyed with New Security Law
We Should All Have Something To Hide
Govt to BAN End-to-End Encryption!

LBRY Link:

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Here is the video:
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Hell yeah!
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Very well presented
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Absolute truth
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I don't have to imagine that. I've been watching it happen around me. I've been part of making it happen. I moved to New Hampshire.
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I had not seen this before. This is beautiful. I love IPFS. I love what you're doing with this.
Imagine if people en-masse sold their assets and used cryptocurrencies to move their wealth to governments and economies in-line with their ideals?

The Uncensorable Publishing website has a new home page:
A new developer walk-through video published to YouTube on NFT (non-fungible tokens). It shows how to create, mint, and send NFT tokens.

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The YouTube video:
Part 3 video has been published, demoing an app for sending encrypted, uncensorable files to one another.
Part 2, prototype demo for sending e2e encrypted, uncensorable messages and files of any size using BCH and IPFS:
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I'm Head Janitor!
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i call dibs on ‘executive chairman’.
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my friend built something similar for bitcoin little different usecase but could be adapted to any chain.
New REST API endpoint for retrieving the public key associated with a BCH address. Used for encrypting data people can unlock with their BCH private key.