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Senior JavaScript Developer at, Founder of Permissionless Software Foundation - - open source incentivized with tokens.


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· 4d
Stop using banks and start using crypto! But how Private is it?
· 6d
Your WiFi is Used to Track You
· 6d
Memo is probably the best place for someone to get started in Bitcoin Cash. They can experience sending and receiving and I'm sure people will donate some sats to play with. #dailymemo
· 21d
Anyone else complete #soberoctober? Join me on memo for that sweet SLP token reward. 🏆🏆🏆 Congrats #bitcoin community!
replied · 21d
Both. I have done no testing on NFT type tokens. But specifically, it does not support sweeping of different tokens. Like SPICE and HONK on the same wallet. That's not supported yet.
replied · 24d
"Note: It does not yet support multiple token classes on the same paper wallet."
multiple token classes=nft type 1&normal type 1
multiple token classes=different tokens?
replied · 25d
Thanks for all you do.
· 23d
#bitcoincash developers who need to run a legacy Insight API after this upcoming fork can use my updated Docker container. Thank you for paying for this!
· 25d
bch-api was just updated with a new REST API endpoint to allow for easy sweeping of SLP tokens from a paper wallet!
· 26d
This video discusses #JavaScript design patterns and testing best-practices that I follow. I created it to communicate these ideas with the people I work with.
· 28d
I've been blessed to do #remotework for about five years now. Both as manager and managed. This presentation captures the simple, successful approach I take to managing remote workers:
replied · 29d
I have tested nginx settings for rate limiting, but it looks like a daily limit is not possible and I would have to insert IPs for unlimited API hits manually
replied · 30d
Congrats, Chris.
replied · 30d
Daily limit instead of per minute - you don't want to block a free tier user if his client makes 10 requests in 2 seconds, but if it's 10k in a day
replied · 30d
That's a great use-case for the HTTP 402 Payment Required status code
replied · 29d
I'll try to look into it. I don't have much bandwidth to follow progress on Dash, but I love what they are doing. Competition helps everyone.
replied · 29d
Chris do you know that #DASH is solving that issue with their upcoming decentralized API being hosted on the Masternode network? They call it "Proof of Service" #realbitcoinclub
replied · 30d
Zero-7 is a laid-back techno band. I've got a whole Pandora channel built around them. Chill grooves to write software to.
replied · 30d
Great presentation!
· 30d
Ha! It's always a pleasant surprise to wake up and find out that one of my community presentations made headlines:
· 31d
replied · 31d
Awesome video, thanks for doing this. You have a knack for explaining things clearly and well.
replied · 33d
I love you Mr Austin❤😍🌹😳
replied · 31d
Your a great asset for BCH community, thank you for your hard work 😘
· 32d
A video presentation on how developers can *earn* #bitcoincash by running and managing a REST API.