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This is my test memo account.


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The Memo protocol and the website are open source. We have not created other clients yet. We're currently focused on improving the site and then building a mobile app.
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This is my test memo account.
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Did Satoshi really believe that Bitcoin would be self-sufficient on fees alone in ~120 years or was he knowingly shifting future inflation decisions to later generations?
yes, he was sincere when he said the system could transition to run on only fees 28 votes · 5,034 satoshis
no, he was passing the buck to future generations 0 votes · 0 satoshis
not sure, this question makes me strangely uncomfortable 1 votes · 600 satoshis

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I would think that a social media where interactions cost a fraction of a penny are self regulating. People will still spam, but it costs them. It does disinsentivise some negative behaviour.
"Bitcoin Core (BTC) has driven out anybody who understands economics, and so are incapable of building an economic system." - @Falkvinge
This was a test