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Very similar to Facebook, but with a "p" instead of the "a", so I guess... "Fpcebook"?
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I dunno who that is. I'm a nobody so there's no point guessing.
replied 622d
Well, it takes one to know one 😩
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It's a timebomb. When it implodes, the crypto market will crash hugely. Silver lining: BTC will stay dead while decent tech (BCH, ETH etc) will rebuild with no bubbles, just progress.
replied 622d
You're correct, but I am ambitious:
replied 622d
There *is* no "official" account. Permissionless blockchain, brah 🤙
replied 622d
Panicky Tether devs: "hey boss come look at this memo, I think he just saved our asses"
replied 622d
Yes definitely, posting a whole article isn't necessary, we can defend against censorship with much less data on-chain. The age of censorship is drawing to a close 😉
replied 622d
We're just getting started.
replied 622d
Definitely possible, needs to be slick and user friendly though... 🤔
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replied 622d
Hang in there bud, depression sucks but this too shall pass
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How would people feel about integration with Only worth doing if it would be used...
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we have 2 projects for memo, @txnblaster which 'blasts' transactions with a reply/like (and watched on txstreet) & automemo for larger articles that will be posted in chunks.
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Pursuing a desktop app that would allow batching of memos (e.g. enter a large text file and have it split into multiple transactions). Would be good for stress testers.
1063d · Your Memo Score
No one would have a "the high score" since a particular user's Shared Connections % will appear different to every user depending on who that user follows.
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The site went down for a bit but is back up now. Will invest in more robust/expensive server solutions ASAP. Long-term goal is total decentralization with mobile apps.
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