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sent · 1,000 sats 100d
I ONLY came back to make good on my promise to you with Marcus Brothers. Toss around baseless accusations and I’ll leave for good. No reason to stick around when you act like this.
I think maybe I need another memo break. This site has a way of making people feel bad.
sent · 1,000 sats 102d
I want my pay for Marcus Bros. Why aren’t you honoring your part of the bargain?!
sent · 555 sats 102d
You forgot about me, didn’t you.
I have a 300K Satoshi bounty for a small referral code thingy. Let me know if you want to help.
Add another body to the Clinton death list. I wish they get better at covering their tracks. It's not very nice assassinating investigative journalists like that. Guy had a family to raise and was good at what he did.
Would anybody be interested in 2 beer tokens for a very decent price? I remember a time they were highly sought after. Make me an offer.
,any offer.
sent · 4,200 sats 104d
Where's the rest of my pay for Marcus Bros? Just tell me you're not going to send it or give what you can, I'm not greedy, but don't want to keep pestering you.
sent · 4,200 sats 105d
This profile decided to follow my account 10 minutes ago despite not making a post for 883 days.

We let another stranger into our house. Be careful.
sent · 4,200 sats 105d
I think maybe I'll have some time away from the memo now. See you in the future. Hope you enjoyed Marcus bros too.
sent · 4,200 sats 105d
I don't like giving keys to the bakery, but here's a breadcrumb or two: Look into the number of new accounts that register here, who follows you straight away and what topics they react to.
Anybody want to buy a beer token or two? I'm on a hard mission to rejoin the 21 million club, every little sat helps. I'll let them go for a good price.
sent · 4,200 sats 106d
A 10 million sat tip? Phew, check you out..
sent · 4,200 sats 107d
Here it is, what you asked for:

sent · 4,200 sats 107d
you know, it's finally ready, after all this time, I'm finished.

sent · 4,200 sats 108d
The think a mistake was made.
I look forward to more writing services like Grammarly where people lose their original voice and ideas to automation. I won't be using it. Don't let them feed you ideas that were never your own.

Henlo, guys, Richard Heart here. Buy my Hex token.
sent · 4,200 sats 120d
Marcus Bros will be finalized and shared here no later than EOY. You have my word on that.
It took ethereum being several hundred dollars in network fees to come full circle, to see the value of payment coins and the beauty of BCH's simplicity.
I decided today, right around the time all my liquidity dried up, to try for reentry in the 21 million club. It's going to be slow and painful, wish me luck, but don't tip this message. Seriously, don't.
Sincere congratulations to the BCH holders on their 20% gains today. Had I maintained my position as a BCH maxi and continued to grow it, I would, to date, be up several hundred thousand in profit.
Lots of thoughts today, but if there's one takeaway, it's this: Find one person today and impart something to help make them more financially savvy. We can heal the world that way.