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Dr. Uther 1MBFpC
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The Time Machine - 2030
422,429 views•Sep 24, 2010

I got a job
Can El Salvador send us some Bitcoin experts because cryptocurrencies are going down again.
Better late than never One of the best pizzas I've ever had payingtipping with BCH made it that much better
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Found a Pay Phone Will it Work?
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I want to convince you to hold at least 1 Bitcoin BCH

To my friends in the real world.
Please watch my new video....
"Calling Out "Fact Checkers" For Not Using Facts."
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Boycott all Amazon Alexa products for spying, my Internet Service Provider just shut off my connection because they are using so much data spying..
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You should be using blue light blocking sunglasses.
I made a new youtube video !!
"ALL 'big' news LYING & not reporting VERY important things! Proof below- Audits of 2020 election"
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I will buy them if you want
The crypto market is still very far from reaching any levels of sanity.

While I hate $BTC, seeing scamcoins like Doge, LTC, ETH and similar schemes getting hyped instead of real p2p money is rather disappointing.
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Talk too me I miss you! What are you doing over there?
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May I please? :)
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Maybe while you wait, you can create your own market pairs on Serum and use Raydium for liquidity and Mango for margin on the Serum DEX.
Check out
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Some people don't understand the point of Bitcoin Cash
WFE wants you to eat the bugs: