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I have been a Software Engineer for 30 years. I wrote games for the Apple ][, Atari 400/800, the TRS("trash")80 from Radio Shack and the TI 994a Home Computer.


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Masternodes are the best way to profit from this Crypto Bull market.
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Not getting rid of shitcoins in the last bull market was one big mistake I made...
459d · [Crypto Tips] Earn a Passive Income with Masternodes
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459d · [Crypto Tips] Earn a Passive Income with Masternodes
Check this one out ...
806d · [Crypto Tips] Earn a Passive Income with Masternodes
But a master node is expensive, as it requires a big investment. If the chosen coin fails, you'll lose it all.
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Yes. Its volatile, expensive, dangerous... and profitable.

I've developed a system to force myself out of loosing coins, but it takes a cast iron stomach.
459d · CostCo Cash Cards for Crypto
Need CostCo Cash Cards for Crypto? Hit me up.
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It's much more profitable during a bull run. Maybe soon??
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Doesn't work for me anymore... bugs to work out.
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Yes, it's my referral link, but you don't get anything less ...
503d · Passive Cryptocurrency Income
There are so many masternodes because they are only a FORK away and they can be very profitable.
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Any other Dropil fans out there ?
504d · CostCo Cash Cards for Crypto
Use the cash cards to shop any Costco location in the US, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.
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How does it work?
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Jason Smith
I like to think that _any_ participation is supportive and a sign of concern.