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To make a living by not exploiting people or be the one being exploited. That is my holy Grail! 🏆
It's insane the number of transactions I've generated here on Memo and I haven't had to recharge my wallet yet! :O
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What OS Do You Use On Your Main Computer?
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This is so cool! I'm jealous it's not available on my Chromebook Pro yet!
You can't enforce Capitalism on a decentralized Blockchain. You can't stop Socialism from happening on a decentralized Blockchain either. BCH is a more level playing field for everyone to compete. #BCHforEveryone
New Yours article! A better way to describe what is wrong with BTC compared to BCH:
I like the idea of Manna but it can't possibly work with a limited supply of coins unless you have some sort of tax on the super wealthy. Of course you don't see the super wealthy putting money into Manna do you?
Seriously, who wouldn't want to live in a Star Trek type society? :)
Either you see BCH as a humanitarian project that helps everyone or you see it as a profit motive. You can't have it both ways. Capitalist HODLing will NOT help Bitcoin help people.
This is awesome that someone is doing research into how BCH can benefit humanity. I donated to help fund it. Great use of Akari-Pages! Go donate now! #BCHforEveryone
The only difference between a Fascist and a normal Capitalist is that Fascists know their Capitalism is failing and therefore try to use force to keep it going. EG. Trump, he wants to make USA great for him & cronys.
He means that Capitalists have stolen and taken control of land and resources. Don't worry though, nobody is going to steal your property. Workers should be controlling the means of production.
There is no ethical consumption under Capitalism.
Socialism Works! It has only failed because the Capitalists sabatoged it. Here are some examples from history:
Indeed, and I for one would like to see coops show up on Bitcoin Cash. With Smart Contracts, Multisig Wallets, and Colored Coins, you can run coops very efficiently!
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Which would you prefer? Be honest!
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I'm curious as to why BCH Boys think that BCH is Capitalist. If they work for someone, they should be Socialist. But if they have a business, then it would make sense.
BCH IS a Socialist system! It doesn't care wether you are Capitalist, Fascist, Socialist, or Communist. It works BECAUSE it is Socialist! That is why BCH is for everyone!
BTC is what happens when Capitalism destroys Bitcoin. Let's make sure this doesn't happen again with BCH! You can do a "kinder" Capitalism but make room for the Co-Ops that workers will want to be a part of.
BCH is for everyone, not just Capitalists. You can't say BCH is Capitalist and say it is for everyone at the same time. That is an oxymoron. If you organize BCH businesses as Capitalist, it'll only be for Capitalists.
Bitcoin Cash gives the power of money back to the workers! It is a Socialist system. The Capitalist slimeballs who try to profit from it will get bitten and they'll deserve to be bitten. #dealwithit
IDK If I'm gonna respond to Capitalist shills. I want to educate people as to why socialism is good but as Satoshi said: "If you don't believe me or don't get it, I don't have time to try and convince you. Sorry."
@CC No need to know Linux to use them but it does help. ;)