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Memo faucet ran out of funds over a week ago so many users have not been able to perform actions. It is now topped up so accounts without funds should be able to post again.
If someone's makes you miserable more than they make you doesn't matter how much you love need to let them go..
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Celebrate your independence, Memo now supports muting!
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32mb block just found! Saw all 32 buses leave on TxStreet :D
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Its my way of making my voice heard. In my age group, only around 30% of registered voters voted last midterms:
Just mailed in me and my girlfriends mail-in ballots. Proud to say we voted. #Midterms
Feed the chickens Misse! The chickens need food! #memochicken
Feed the chickens Misse! The chickens need food! #memochicken
I am back. Been messing around with crypto trading bots, VM's and getting back into web development.
Cryptos I'm currently working with/interested in:
Nano, Stellar, EOS & Bitcoin Cash. I currently have a Nano & Bitcoin Cash node. I'm working on a Nano website.

Anyone else have any suggestions?
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The first PHP library to make CashID easy to implement is released and can be found on
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