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Try namecheap.
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It has been proposed and used as a symbol for hacking.
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How many satoshis would you tip on memo by default. Related discussion:
546 2 votes · 0 satoshis
555 2 votes · 555 satoshis
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Other amout. (Plz write down how many in message textarea) 2 votes · 1,337 satoshis
My tipping satoshis varies each time. 5 votes · 5,921 satoshis
I have never tipped before. 3 votes · 0 satoshis


451d · memo
allow users to trust other users' judgement. And if more than X% of the ones I trust have marked someone as a spammer, don't show his messages to me.
451d · memo
@memo if you haven't already you may want to see how Freenet's FMS works with its trust system. I think it can be applied here. A simplified version would allow users to mark spammers and then
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One can only hope 😁
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So it's not that they let you, it's that you are on the run. I bet they would hunt down even nomads if they had high income. 🙂
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Somebody has full access to all your communication. You HAVE to choose!
Who is it going to be?
Donald Trump 1 votes (1 unique) · 0 satoshis
Angela Merkel 2 votes (2 unique) · 0 satoshis
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replied 452d
Not really. If you ever make a village you can bet your ass they will come asking for property taxes.
replied 452d
Right now I agree with you. But once Electron Cash makes it a default (I think they will make it opt out) then BCH blockchain analysis won't even be good for probable cause bcz false +
453d · memo
interesting idea Tritonio, basically, "if you send me ___ sats you can message me."
replied 452d
Well that's a different story. I'm saying that cashshuffle helps immensely when it comes to getting deanonymized via blockchain analysis. Do you disagree with that?
replied 452d
I meant to write VPN.
replied 453d
.. doesn't seem that easy to attack. But if you have some paper that should a realistic attack please share a link.
replied 453d
I don't think it's comparable to a VPS. Going through 5 VPSes you can be attacked by timing measurements. Having your wallet passively shuffle coins with thousands of other wallets ..
replied 453d
But if they get false positives for thousands of people what's the value in seeing that the coins came out from someone? I'm not talking about privacy after a single cashshuffle.
454d · memo
"Kindly Refund Coins" 😉
454d · memo
And it could be considered a common courtesy to return that money if asked by he sender and the message wasn't spam. Maybe even have a flag to request a return of money. Or prefix the msg with "KRC"..
454d · memo
... that you need to send them in order for your message to show up in their dashboard. That way you can avoid spam while determined people can still contact you.
454d · memo
Can't the send functionality be used to spam users that don't follow you? If so, perhaps users should be able to set a property on their profile that shows what's the minimum amount of currency
replied 455d
Yep! In fact I've already been using it for that purpose.
replied 455d