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· 31d · #911Truth
Even if 9/11 wasn't an inside job, it was exploited so much by opportunistic authoritarian fuckbags that it's already tantamount to an inside attack on our freedoms
· 33d
new haircut now I'm getting drunk #dailymemo
· 72d
Have a feeling that BCH and alts are getting "drained" to hold the false appearance of BTC price appreciation. But it is all a ruse & the house of cards will fall. It will hurt before it gets better. #BCH #dailymemo
· 75d
A nice image
· 76d
I keep seeing various people in /r/btc keep saying "Why keep posting about how Blockstream took over BTC? We get it."

Because if people stop posting it, then people forget.
Bitcoin Cash Activist Man Of No Ego
· 79d
Recording on memo, 2 mins ago location Ireland north west I seen an unexplained light in d sky. 10 mins later I see jets in d same area. Possibly military.
· 81d
· 82d
Conspiracy theory: BTC is being pumped by a state actor using fake Tethers so no other coin will be able to gain dominance.
replied · 88d
I could tip more than just 500, but just asking for it is not enough (Spice has some market value) - create some quality content on memo for good tips and token tips
· 91d
Always crack me up :-)

#dailymemo #dailyshitpost
replied · 92d
I see that core minions have already done their work there.

· 96d · Food
I just paid for Ben & Jerry's ice cream with Bitcoin Cash
· 98d
I just joined Open Tube another IPFS Youtube Competitor. Not sure if anyone in Bitcoin is on their but it should make a good backup in case YouTube decides to keep de-platforming people.
· 100d · 🌶️Coinspice
Spice token has now a value: $0.0001
· 101d · memo
Celebrate your independence, Memo now supports muting!
· 101d
work in progress titled 0x1ba1ba (Xibalba)
· 101d
I find it funny when serfs start to defend the fiat system against crypto.

It's analogous to a slave embracing the chains on its neck and feet.
· 106d
I've created a tokenized art series called Ronin,each links to a unique digital artwork,1 token per picture,I'm giving them away free on Memo,not selling them,if you get one that's what it is.
replied · 109d
No, but 5000 sats
Bitcoin Cash Activist Man Of No Ego
· 199d
replied · 207d
You don't go around threatening to sue and jail everyone and get away with it for long...
replied · 207d
I see 11:11 and 1:11 all the time. Does that count? 🤔😏🙃
· 209d · Venezuela
Maduro is a dictator, Venezuela's government lies, no matter when you read this, remember, THEY LIE
· 212d
The updates to the Android app are incredible, great work Jason. I'm almost browsing Memo more than Reddit now
replied · 212d
Thanks for posting this issue, I ended up installing badger wallet and testing it out while trying to help, it's freaking awesome.

Where's that guy who was giving out SPICE?