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I wont!
I hope you won't forget my 50.000$ in 2020 !
Cool,,, and I'll give you the same amount also so send me some
If the French had guns the government would respect them more.
The one that does the most damage needs the most help.
In the year 2020 I will give you the same amount of Satoshis you give this post. Remind me in 2020 and I WILL give you back those Satoshis.
abc is still better than sv. they dont even have wallets for gods sake. and their code is no improvements at all! abc has a roadmap to scale p2p cash. SV is just alot of talk no action, permissioned system.
I don't think there's enough whiskey in the world that could drown my sorrows right now.
DigiByte isn't so easily attacked, 5 mining algos.
If SV/CSW manages to take over BCH I will loose faith in Bitcoin as a concept and will be looking to reduce my position. I think many feel the same as me...
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he plays the video
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After 15 Nov ABC will
Cease to exist 4 votes · 0 satoshis
Change POW algorithm 7 votes · 0 satoshis
Fork with minority hashrate 4 votes · 0 satoshis
Win the hash battle 13 votes · 21,000 satoshis

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When is CSW selling his 1 million BTC? If there won't be any BTC you would think he would be selling his junk, right?
Jesus, what a wanker!
Markets are supporting ABC, are you blind? Also the miners supporting SV are mining at a loss right now. The miners that support ABC are smarter and don't waste money before the fork.
The market begs to differ.
Hashpower protects only the chain. If your coin becomes unwanted, it was lacking protection elsewhere and all the hashpower in the world cannot save it.
If everything goes unexpectedly smoothly and one chain emerges solid and the price pumps in the process, then are you gonna FOMO back in? Risky business.
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And Satoshi was completely right... unless the majority of the hashing power wants to mine at loss. Eventually, despite politics, miners have to follow the money.
Alas, US only.
Ummmm wow talk about dividing the BCH community. I guess their plan is working 😣