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Emon Hassan
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15 SLP token sent done..
It's My BCH Receive Address :bitcoincash:qzcxp6u79fq509s57h3kn3s99raafgj0yu2xdy8l0e
Give me BCH Sir...
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I just followed you. Hopes to get many feels
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Spirit is in a state of grace forever. Eternally
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Bilal Aksin
replied 119d
@faucet i am New user
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Exam Help
Many students try hard to get their best engineering college for graduation but only a few of them get successful. https://www.examhelp.in/iit-jee-main-exam/
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The word of wisdom of today is brought to you by the great panzer of the lake
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hoping to receive precious gift from you sir uther 🙏
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Be sure that you get a lot of Vitamin D protect your eyes..
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Not so well, but I don't have the virus.
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Went to buy something online with BCH and it failed. Reason given was because insufficient number of confirmations rec'd within a certain time frame. Got refunded fine, but am looking forward to a fixed DAA.
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Calm_down_stupid 15kFCL
Have a good feeling about today, today going to be a good day, you wait and see :-)
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190d · Somebody,
Alone in the universe
I go out in the night, the landscape only lit up by the moon and the stars. I look at the stars, wondering about the universe, and I see that I am very small.
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If you dont see any post from me again in the following days or weeks you know what happen. Thank you for all MEMO Friends who help me or should i say send me a tip from the start i join here. I forever thankful
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Tipping tokens cost..almost 1500 Sats😲😲 that why i almost drain😂😂
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replied 199d
I'm wondering that too. I thought it would just be pasting the imgur url. But that didn't work did it?
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Selling my SWEET at 18888 😢 i need the Money now..ill buy back the other time..when everything is fine.. please someone kinhearted..the price is for medine cost
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Calm_down_stupid 15kFCL
Tell me what is your favourite SLP token, and then tell me why you think it's worth its market cap, then tell me how much % the top address holds of that token and what would happen if they started dumping ?
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SOUR token has a very close value of 1 MXN (Mexican peso).

For 10,000 Sour you can easily book a 4 star hotel in Acapulco at least for 3 nights, with breakfast included. And you can still have some beers at night.
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Sowing hope in Venezuela! Thanks BCH
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I got a job at night, I don’t know if I’m going to stay long but I’ll try my best
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208d · memo
The default tokens page is now listing tokens by most transactions with some other sorting options. The market cap page is removed.