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Oyo is Chapter 1 of any MVC framework tutorial
I still dont like using DSA for something it's not designed for.
Got banned from Reddit for telling spez to go fuck himself.
So you basically reinvented X509?
What was your username?
You're the one mass downvoting sooooooooooooo
Yes, but more for institutional traders. Someone wanting to buy or sell $1M of BCH would tank an exchange, so it's done direct.
Yes, they're an OTC trading group.
Yes, he is a BU Member.
A) Not all of those are Developers, they're BU Members.
B) This is BU, one implementation of BCH.
I feel sorry for your wife.
So I'm explaining to my 10 year old the fee differences between BCH and BTC in December as we watch https://txstreet.com/ and he looks at me and says - "Why would you want to use Bitcoin?" Smart Kid!
It's an easy way to prove a document existed at a certain point in time.
Trying to throw together a quick and dirty viewer for proposed IPFS extension.
Basically his argument distills down to "There's no proof that CSW isn't Satoshi, so we must assume he is until Satoshi shows up"

Which is not how that works.
Thanks for reporting. I think this should be resolved now.
Yup, looks good, fit in e80e039c2f012cd7fa2f2769d9e59a76eeea14c2f2aa29388881055f3cf09ee6 and it got picked up.
Giving it a shot :D
Also looks like I broke myself again. Seems custom OP_RETURN transactions wont get counted by the site, so your UTXOs get de-sync'd
IPFS Video TX: 5f063a70fa25509391f0a9d01691fb2d9dd49bf0d205da66d73e29ec15b0885a
IPFS Image TX: d1794662786f28ae6d5ccc5936dd9511c8c1605e13d37d8271571e8a04b7538f
Think I'm back in business!