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Points if somebody can photoshop CSWs head onto Chris Farley.
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This tweet isn't aging well so far...
Does anything Craig says age well?
Poloniex does not have 3. Before the fork they had BCH, then they had BCHABC and BCHSV futures.

At the fork, all BCH turned into equal amounts of BCHABC and BCHSV.
Looks like CSW.
CTOR helps Graphene which helps block propagation. The next hurdle is mempool acceptance rate.
I disagree.
Is it a coincidence that SV proponents are using lightning bolts in their Twitter handles?
You mean like CTOR?
That'd require SV to effectively abandon the SV chain
Imma firing mah memo
I thought you were leaving?
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voted on poll I will use altcoins · 97 days ago
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What are you gonna do if SV wins the hash war and destroys the ABC chain?
I will use the new SV chain 33 votes · 2,000 satoshis
I will leave crypto 3 votes · 666 satoshis
I will use altcoins 9 votes · 1,546 satoshis
I will use the BTC chain 0 votes · 0 satoshis

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Bye Felicia.
Just because people are picking ABC now, doesn't mean you're stuck with ABC forever.
Only reason CSW hates CTOR is because it's a competing idea to his patents.

That's it, it's all about the money.

And people like you gobbled it up.
Miners decide what to mine, Devs give them the options.
Oyo is Chapter 1 of any MVC framework tutorial
I still dont like using DSA for something it's not designed for.
Got banned from Reddit for telling spez to go fuck himself.
So you basically reinvented X509?
What was your username?