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Is there seriously anyone here who believes they understand Economics and also believes Trump has good economic policy, (trade war)? Let's make it public!
Bitcoin SV SF meetup is back July 18! Pizza and drinks sponsored by @money_button! Tom will show insight about Craig's 50 presegwit Bitcoin challenge. $500k on the line, who wants it?
Who remembers the 90's when the Internet was all about information? Now it's all about spamming
Let's see anyone challenge Craig's copyright to Bitcoin, it only costs $55 to challenge, but when you lie in court, that's where they'll get hurt
I have officially sold all of my crypto (remaining was BCH) for the one true coin that I believe is Bitcoin. I now walk my talk. I don't expect to have my surge in price anytime soon, but it will be here eventually
US Government declares every Lightning Network node is a Money Services Business (MSB). Every LN wallet company will have to buy MSB licenses and comply with AML/KYC.
Bitcoin SV SF meetup May 23rd! "Libel/Defamation/Slander - Don't Follow the Trolls"

Free drinks and pizza!
Sponsored by @money_button
Craig Wright: "If you say I'm going to make $X, then I'm going to retire, you're probably not going to make any money"

“Misinformation and the myth of Satoshi” by Craig Wright
Participated in a BSV/BCH/BTC debate at Node SF! Forwarded it a bit.

CZ will be gone or in prison

“The immovable”
“The immovable” by Craig Wright
If George Orwell came back alive, and he began bashing us on what society has become, would you say "does it matter if you're George Orwell?"
Craig Wright describes keeping Bitcoin Wiki up. References history with Adam Back and Nick Szabo.

“Wiki” by Craig Wright
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By being a successful entrepreneur. If you're in San Jose come visit me at my shop
Heh Binance CEO is having a melt down.

I bet in 2020 he will make a career shift into rap, like Vitalik, when he realizes Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto
Tulip Contract. Craig Wright is owed 1,000,000+ Bitcoin in 2020. What happens then?
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It will be unfortunate once you learn truth about Tulip contract... the answer to your point is there
Craig Wright (Satoshi Nakamoto) purchased with a credit card lol!!! You can verify yourself!

“Evidence and law” by Craig Wright
New Avicii album today! RIP up there while we dance to your music down here!
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No... but I think he'll figure it out at some point faster than most. He's just stuck like Roger
1. Ignore everything about Craig Wright
2. Hear something about a Tulip contract of which Craig Wright is being sued for of his 1 million Bitcoin
3. ????
4. Massive losses
I like Vitalik, but he's wrong about Craig Wright. Vitalik will do great things!
Craig Wright's message for his haters
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