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replied · 2h
Nobody knows, but there should be stats showing how much BCH combined is on memo.
Federer - Djokovic.
What a game.
· 3d
Looking good fellow Memorians, Memoans, Memoese, whatever. #dailymemo
replied · 4d
It doesn't.
But there is some incentive to spread the word about memo. If memo grows BCH price moons.
Ok. Call me crazy, but memo is growing.
Slowly, but growing.
voted Yes · 5d
created poll · 5d
⭐ How do you see yourself, Will you still be using BCH in ten yrs ???
Yes 12 votes (11 unique) · 3,388 satoshis
No 0 votes (0 unique) · 0 satoshis
Maybe 1 votes (1 unique) · 688 satoshis

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Yesterday I went to the biggest shopping street, many people are selling #gold on the streets, I told each one of them that gold is outdated and that #bitcoins are the new gold. Communication!!!
voted Top secret military project · 9d
created poll · 9d
What do you think UFOs are?
Alien Life 3 votes · 12,555 satoshis
Top secret military project 6 votes · 2,134 satoshis
Smoke screen distraction 0 votes · 0 satoshis
Hysteria 4 votes · 2,500 satoshis
Fake News 0 votes · 0 satoshis

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· 9d
Me & my friend Angel. Introducing her how Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash works. Telling her how can also substitute twitter. Show some LOvE everyone! Thanks!
Bitcoin Cash back in the 4th spot. Shouldn't even be that close to that piece of junk .
[ANN] Proud owner of 0.5 BCH. It may not sound a lot, but it was every cent i could save with my 250$ salary. Lets go to the moon!
· 22d
I saw money only as a way to provide for my family, but now with BCH, I see it as a way to impact other people's lives. Being able to send such small amounts to anyone opens up all kinds of possibilities. #dailymemo

BCH Meetup Sligo Ireland. Swagman pub now accepts BCH, Also todays top rbtc reddit
· 29d
well, this is my first post on memo
replied · 28d
Probably. In my college photo ID had a thumbs up. I believe that was the predecessor to the "like" button.
From all projects built on Bitcoin Cash I like Memo the most.
· 28d
I have already set my profile pic here on Nice meeting all BCH-community members here across the globe. Let's start to become active here. is the Twitter of Blockchain.
Hello world, good morning Philippines
Im back and set my profile
In this message, I see the darkest side of human nature. Ideas so good they have to be mandatory. Your betters have determined the Right Way to Live and will enforce it at gunpoint. NO!
· 32d
I put more thought into my memo posts because they can potentially earn money. I ask myself, what will people find valuable?

I'm realizing Memo is a market in its own right. A market of thoughts and ideas. #dailymemo
Hello guys, Happy to be here. I'm new to crypto, was pointed here from r/bch.
Coming from a country where crypto is banned, from our National Bank, and government. I really hope crypto will succeed. First post !
· 35d
Went to a party last night. So many people talking about crypto. Of course I shilled BCH but it seems people aren't quite ready to take the red pill yet. #dailymemo
· 37d
Just deleted Facebook I recommend everyone else does the same.