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Casa Bitcoin Cash-Moçambique.. #BCH just me carrying the world!


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14h · Bitcoin Cash
Great interview about General Protocols & Anyhedge/DeFi on top of #BitcoinCash another great product by #BCH
1d · Bitcoin Cash
Several things happening in Africa due to COVID-19 and Government decisions that put in danger all people's savings, #BCH
1d · Bitcoin Cash
I don't own any bank account right now, am tired of politics just Bitcoin Cash
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6d · Bitcoin Cash
7d · Bitcoin Cash
10d · Bitcoin Cash
Africa is the next biggest market for #Bitcoincash and we just need to wait see it happening 👀
12d · Bitcoin Cash
Casa Bitcoin Cash-Moçambique delivered check the article on read$
13d · Bitcoin Cash
14d · Bitcoin Cash
RFND token is a project built on top of #BitcoinCash using SLP technology with a great investment plan
Coming soon...#BCH will make noise in Mozambique
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26d · Bitcoin Cash
Thank you u/2q_x 🙏 this only happens on #BCH community👇
27d · Great way to send some Bitcoin Cash Christmas gifts👌
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Sure I will👌
30d · History:Religion

Superbly explains "Pagan".
This parallels current cultural divides: urban communists vs rural 'rednecks' (Pagans).
Voluntarists (=primitive Heathens)
The last Monday, December 21, 2020 bye bye... 2021 welcome and big projects ahead #BCH
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Inform us about the progress of your project.
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Sure I will, everything will be reported🙌
31d · Bitcoin Cash
Thanks to all who put the hands on it🙏 #BCH for Mozambique and world
32d · Bitcoin Cash
One more small push👌 just 0.09 #BCH to the Goal💪
32d · Bitcoin Cash
Here's why #BCH will overtake BTC in long run👀 watch the teaser👇
In my country Christmas time is when anyone test their sounds to the limit🤔 it's normal to pass from a street and everyone is a DJ with their sounds louder each one of them playing a different music🙆 Merry Xmas.
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