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How much time before Ayre stops mining BSV?
Less than 1 month 2 votes · 0 satoshis
1-3 months 5 votes · 1,234 satoshis
3-6 months 2 votes · 547 satoshis
6 months-1 year 3 votes · 0 satoshis
Never, BSV is the real Bitcoin and will domain the world 2 votes · 0 satoshis

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I usually avoid to talk about anything related to BSV or CSW, but I'll make an exception: thank you BSV supporters for buying my BSV at fork time!
It's done: Binance will delist BSV!
About Coinex accelerator: isn't Seele a scam?
Xthinner working in mainnet, taking advantage of CTOR! Still a long way to implement it in ABC.
Do Graphene and Xthinner perform likely using CTOR?
Note to all who have a mail accout at is starting to fail, better to migrate to another place and GTFO.
Another point is scalability and TPS: I've heard that's difficult to measure it on NANO, maybe because much PoW are required for high TPS?
These BCH notes looks pretty cool for a present:
The only issue is that you need to trust they won't store the private key...
I'm shorting some BCH, that means it could pump again and I'm gonna get rekt.
[BULLISH] tribeOS to Use Bitcoin Cash For Its Advertising Marketplace:
All is joy and happiness is r/cc, but I just only saw one post about fees:
Regardless the bear market is over or not, I'll keep accumulating BCH. It0s the only money the state cannot seize from me. It's a big shout out to the system. FUCK THE STATE.
I tried and works very well.
If anybody is interested in learning how to develop web apps, this Hardvard course is great:
Interesting read about sharding and decentralization:
It's a little against BCH roadmap, but I hope UTXO commitments solves the full node issue.
I still don't trust it, because there's wash trading even in large and trusted exchanges.
I just realized I had some juicy BCH on Binance, withdrawing right now! Oh, and some Bitcoin X, whatever is that shit coin.
Peter Rizun kicking LN In the head, who said LN is always trustless?
It seems to be around 2 years old, is there a test net or something like that?
CashShuffle is not even officially released but works very well right now!