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replied · 2d
The poster is literally a shill.
replied · 2d
One of those places in time that makes me think humans were a mistake.
Blockstream-Tether ought to distance itself from Crypto.
It is a scam to trick people into buying fiat when what people really want is p2p.
It is fraud.
replied · 4d
Going by the fact that the operator of @Bitcoin did not reach out to the community, I'm pretty sure that the account was bought.
replied · 4d
It's just another option, but probably we'll never know.
replied · 5d
Fuck Twitter. I know no corporation can easily stole my memo account.
replied · 5d
We have cashaccounts, which are better because are decentralized. And reusable addresses are in progress.
· 5d
@Bitcoin tweet chain undergoes a major re-org

"First they came for @Bitcoin, ..."

Even the deleted tweets account is wondering:

replied · 5d
Yes, but it's not enough...
replied · 6d
after reading it, I also feel as if It was more a collaboration of common knowledge, as if someone wrote an essay of every rumor they read or heard about Nakamoto and connected it
· 5d · Memo
Memo has reached 500,000 on-chain actions!
replied · 6d
Hard to imagine, unless Amazon announces it will accept just BCH or something big as that.
replied · 6d
I think it's a marketing campaign for a shitcoin.
XRP pump will end as people find out they were misled
Santander is using xcurrent, not xrapid
replied · 8d
how long will my comment last?
replied · 8d
I'm skeptical...
replied · 9d
The market is irrational, no one can answer you.
replied · 11d
The problem comes when the world don't care. Look at the colonization of Africa, when many Europeans didn't care about what's going on.
replied · 11d
replied · 11d
At least, people are realizing this regarding Litecoin: devs have left LTC for BCH and other projects.
LOL. Sadly, seems that nobody cares about central Asia countries. Countries like Uzbekistan are beautiful.