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People will trust them if there's an insurance backing funds in case of lose. In turn, you have to trust the insurance.
Bankruptcy of Veriblock in 3, 2, 1... I guess Komodo dPoW is cheaper, 30 percent is a lot.
well you were right! at least for the past 59 days
Do people seriously trust big corp to generate and handle their keys?
Hi everyone, I designed a new Bitcoin Cash logo and I'm releasing it without any copyright restrictions. Feel free to use it in your projects!
Cute logo
BTC is still overvalued as it cannot scale. The failure of BTC disrupts confidence in overall market
The crypto community is obsessed with tearing down other coins instead of building
This is just a blatant lie.

Ver allows open discussion and keeps mod logs open.

Are you paid to smear or just mentally retarded?
But that's temporary. Most coins will have a short life span.
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Wait, there is more than one truth?
Some drugs like SSRI are over prescribed nowadays. That people will only experience side effects with no actual improvement.
Es una buena manera para promover la adopción, pero los tip bots no fueron baneados en Twitter? Me suena haberlo leído hace un tiempo.
Status! they have an encrypted messenger, plus I'm their creative arts ambassador ;)
WhatsApp is the facebook of messaging.
I know, and in fact I use Telegram when I can. Is the same issue as crypto: lack of adoption.
Unticking LTC and Zcash in openbazaar somehow feels very good. :)
Anything which doesn't rely on one of the giant data harvesting corporations (not android).
I took a look on librem. The only problem for me is called WhatsApp: without WhatsApp I'll be isolated from the rest of the world, and there's no fork.
I want to buy a new smartphone focused on privacy, any recommendations?
....says the Statist Vision shill and Faketoshi bootlicker.
Bird box.
Made a purchase in OB (with moderator, of course) but the seller don't see the tx. Any OB devs here?