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They are both Abrahamic religions, which are based on ancient religions and myths.
I want to link my badger wallet to but it gives me a private key. Any way to transform a private key to a recovery phrase?
Thanks for the tip. Metformin is OTC pretty much everywhere except for the U.S. and Ireland from what I've encountered. You can pick up a bunch while abroad or order from overseas.
Interessting. p-Synephrine also stimulates glucose consumption via AMPK and it's available OTC. But I'm sure metformin is way stronger. In the end, excess glucose (AGEs) is a problem.
Metformin is one of the most promising, and thankfully very cheap:
Is there any supplement available in the market which has proved to extend life span?
Interesting matter
In pre-consensus they agree which one will be included in the next block. Are you talking about double spend proofs?
yes, pre-consensus make 0-conf more reliable when scaling. Without it, 0-conf just a mess when the network traffic peaking.
Preconsensus has anything to do with scalability? I though it just makes 0-conf more reliable.
Assume the network capacity, CPU, RAM, SSD increase by 10x, every protocol(including ETH LTC XRP) scales. But BCH will scale much faster by using techs like CTOR,Graphene,preconsensus.
So you want miners to upgrade their hardware but not their software? Some bottlenecks are not due to lack of hardware perfomance.
And you're right. The war now is just political: Ayre thinks somehow BCH is illegal and is suing exchanges. For real, lol.
Isn't it called pre-consensus?
lol, they believe that institutional money wants to buy their bags. thats so naive
Very glad to see a quickly iterating alternative to Yours! Just say no to litigious, anti-scientific, would-be usurpers. Long live Bitcoin Cash!
BSV (and BTC) supporters just want institutional money to come in. Just a quick way of buying a Lambo.
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SV knows (and their partners will soon find out) that the majority of the utility of crypto is in its non-government-friendliness. They're mining a "snipped" chain. #EunicCoin
Yes, that's why it's great for websites like yours: no need to open any wallet and copy/paste the address or scan a code.
I see now that it is indeed a fork.