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Milk is the worst, it is full of pus, the cows get raped & their kids get killed:
Meat/Egg is full of growth hormones/antibiotics
Was hacked recently, more info on r/btc
I was thinking it could be whales moving out of usdt and into gusd and usdc...killing of tether.
yea but usd used for audit is also fake money.
It would be interesting to see a stablecoin audited by gold/silver reserves.
Or a stablecoin with no reserves or a cryptocurrency backing it. I think Dai is with Ether backing it.
It's better to walk alone than with a crowd going in the wrong direction.
Isn't USDC auditable?
posted · 1 day ago
Facebook content quality is close to shit. Seriously.
If BCH takes over BTCs role for leveraged altcoin trading, BTCs value will collapse and be absorbed by BCH.
I was thinking it could be whales moving out of usdt and into gusd and usdc...killing of tether.
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· 3 days ago
After you secure things, would you mind posting details?
unfollowed TrashPosterInTheDark
· 3 days ago
We might be witnessing the fall of Tether right now. Lots of coins moving out of exchanges and premium on BTC on bitfinex is high. If they get banking resolved it could restabilize, though.
Last theory I read in r/cc is a whale buying BTC caused the USDT crash. I just want to see Tether disappear.
I think we all just got Un-Tethered...
Tether Go fuck yourselves you bitfinex scammer fucks. But in hell forever. You should have never existed. You and your blockstream buddies can all die in a fucking fire. You deserve to suffer forever.
I guess every exchange will move out of USDT to better stable coins. Good movement for Coinex.
posted · 3 days ago
Coinex launched many exciting pairs with USDC the best is BCH/USDC
Wouldn't it be ironic if lightning struck the blockstream HQ and turned their hardware into liquid ?
Iron lung. The first mechanical ventilator. It's function is closer to the physiology campared to the modern machines.