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replied · 3h
If you have FB coins as BCH tokens, you have to redeem them. If you have any other stable coin, you have to exchange them to FB coins. Both ways leads to a trust third party.
replied · 3h
I don't think so, taking in mind that they're statist and things like miner ID, BSV is not a permissionless system.
replied · 3h
Submiting a new merchant in marco coino does not work, other things are working fine.
replied · 3h
Maybe IPFS... Using OP_RETURN will be expensive and difficult.
Submitting a new merchant in Marco Coino does not work:
· 6h
Facebook coin = #GagCoin.
replied · 11h
But isn't it a stable token? Any stable token could replace it.
replied · 11h
I think nobody knows, but at least no hard fork is needed for Avalanche. It can be implemented anytime.
replied · 15h
The data is automatically read from the blockchain every 60 seconds using bitdb and written into my database.
replied · 22h
Nice idea. Are you going to manually check the bets? It should be pretty easy to extract the data from the blockchain using BitDB.
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replied · 23h
As long as you pay the fee, there's no spam.
replied · 23h
Because it's a permissionless blockchain so I can.
Kratom. Untill you do TOO much Kratom...
replied · 23h
AFAIK, anti-sybil method for Avalanche hasn't been chosed yet.
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replied · 1d
A hard fork does not imply a chain split. If there's consensus it's just an upgrade.
replied · 1d
I forgot, though, if this offer were rejected or not, based on lack of decentralisation.
all the btc be trading on bch lol its so ironic
replied · 3d
Spending value gains made my life less stressful - also boosts the economic activity in BCH and supports the pricing of your remaining stash
replied · 1d
BTC2 could get adoption in the next bullrun. But now we need exchanges to accept it, this way it could totally replace BTC.
replied · 1d
Trust will always be involved. Sideshift will need to periodically prove their BTC funds. Even if they have the funds, they could refuse to redeem BTC at any time.