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Nothing to read.
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Amaury Sechet is the worst thing that has happened to #Bitcoin, even worse than CSW.

The fucking french should get a bullet in between his eyes.

Long Live #BCH as #BCHN!!
939d · Bitcoin Cash
HAIL TO #BITCOINSV!! The only REAL Bitcoin left. Go go go Satosh go!!
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Me parece que el único #Bitcoin real que queda ya, es #BitcoinSV.

Pues nada, a seguir peleando.
Nadie dijo que fuera a ser fácil... ;)
939d · US Politics/Trump
Trump should be killed, as soon as possible. Thanks.
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Hey dude, Drogoteca here!! Nice to find you here!! :))
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Last year BTC could only process a single transaction for $50.
Today BCH is processing 35,000 transactions for $50.
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Qué bonito día hace en #BitcoinCASH.... :))


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Mark Byers
Core last year: You shouldn't try to make $20 payments on chain.

Core this year: You shouldn't try to make $20 payments on Lightning Network.
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1078d · Trap
Olé - El Coleta (2011)
1078d · Trap
Olé - El Coleta (2011)
1078d · #Drogas
El cambio de paradigma yonqui en USA: del joven negro a la abuela blanca.

#drogas #Historia #opioides #USA
Del joven yonqui negrata a la abuelita yonqui blanquita: cambio del paradigma yonqui en USA.

#drogas #USA #historia #opioides
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