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Happy upgrayedd
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Someone should create a search engine free of fact checkers, mainstream news and 'official sources'
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My account was almost instantly shadow banned after posting a few covid memes. How tf does that work? There are subreddits where similar memes are posted all the time.
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Global banks privately prepare for dangerous levels of imminent civil unrest
2d · COVID-19
2d · Monkeypox 💉😷🙈
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2d · Monkeypox 💉😷🙈
2d · Monkeypox 💉😷🙈
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2d · Monkeypox 💉😷🙈
Good news: Masks can protect against monkeypox according to NY health department.
The monkeypox can also be "diagnosed" with a PCR test, and vaccines are on the way
2d · Monkeypox 💉😷🙈
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What we are very proud of now, ze new generation, like uh, prime minister Truedough, ze president Argentina and so on... that we penetrate ze cabinets 🐸
3d · Idiocracy .. A dumbing down
They used RT-PCR to diagnose a patient with the ape pox. Talking about vaccines already. 😷💉🙈
ISPs Share "Netflow" Data & Trace Traffic Through VPNs

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replied 3d
Their social engineering is strong. It's like a virus of the mind.
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"Genetic engineering is becoming more accessible to a wider group of people: a growing movement of do-it-yourself biohackers is experimenting with genetic editing on themselves and on bacteria"
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