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who are you
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Elliot test
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Hi @1Fb52wETvKmh1otwQotr, I just sent your 1272 tx's (run id: R2018), bye!
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because it makes way for omni to work better. this is the equivalent of forking bitcoin 100x more than all the alt coins in ETH.
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because its not ready.. 18 months.
The future of BCH
I am preparing a Q and A with CSW: Let me know wha..
Paper - #850

MiTM Resistant #42 Exchange
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Thanks for the help!
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awesome. so no if you see them they can be spent. copy scale.cash address and send. dont refresh lol. good to go.
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I imported the wallet into Electron Cash like you suggested. Worked great - I can see all the sats I put on scale.cash but don't think they've been used.
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oh well thats good! put in electron cash and you should see the money