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because it makes way for omni to work better. this is the equivalent of forking bitcoin 100x more than all the alt coins in ETH.
because its not ready.. 18 months.
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The future of BCH
I am preparing a Q and A with CSW: Let me know wha..
Paper - #850

MiTM Resistant #42 Exchange
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Andy Rowe
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Thanks for the help!
awesome. so no if you see them they can be spent. copy scale.cash address and send. dont refresh lol. good to go.
I imported the wallet into Electron Cash like you suggested. Worked great - I can see all the sats I put on scale.cash but don't think they've been used.
oh well thats good! put in electron cash and you should see the money
I deposit 7 mil Satoshi in Memo this morning and it is lunch time and despite having posted a lot and tipped as well, my account is now 7,600,000 Satoshi. This is a great community!
lol no dont refresh. thats how you lose it. so did you copy the seed with an amount in it?
another thing i do is in chrome i type sc in the search bar and hit enter and it takes me back to my wallet
i think it is. you need to write the seed into a wallet like electron cash, then you can see your money.
still 9 hours to official stress day ;)
just used scale.cash to send 993 tx in 1 time. Some tips appreciate to keep it up 😁