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Enter The Sphere Has Officially Launched on Bitcoin Cash. Live and Playable NFTs on ANY Platform.
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I like this one.
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Red hot chilly peppers - Californication
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Member or Memo?
I'd like to buy a 150 GoC tokens. The official token of PM me.
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Hello memos. Just doing some regular exercise for the day that /r/btc gets confiscated for corrupt reasons. Hope you all are having a good day.
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Yesterday, there were
14636 txs on BCH chain, 260473 txs on BTC. BCH dominance=BCH/BTC=5.6%
1161846-1161047=799 memo txs, 📈20.9% (compared w/ prev 661), account for 5.5% of all BCH tx
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What about
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| matter how successfull it gets.
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| a high return. Bitcoin as a speculative investment is not revolutionary in any way.

If BTC can't replace fiat for everyday use, then it can't stop governments from robbing us, no
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| our time and our property with unbacked paper notes.

There already is a wide array of great SOVs. There are rare metals, bonds, stocks, realestate, art. Some are stable, some yield
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The problem is that people get their salaries in fiat and need fiat to pay their bills. As long as we accept fiat as money, the government is free to print it and buy us with it - buy
Bitcoin as a Store of Value is not useful unless it's also used as a Means of Exchange
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Two new filter options for you today, you lucky dog. v5.1.1+ - See It Your Way
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A guy is onboarding a new merchant in Africa

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Nothing to see here. Can't send to, withdraw from, or even get paid as a merchant in. Just IOU system for crypto.
Introducing, the highly requested night mode theme! 🌙

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Let's help make Bitcoin Cash more accessible and convenient to as many people as possible by funding