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Looks pretty good. This is a single comment on Member and looks like a heart:

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Normal SPV.
sent 400 SPICE to
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I also like having the IPFS option also. If you want to explain something in length or post a big article/research/book.
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... would do it IMO!
@FreeTrade I heard you've managed to do it on the Member app. I'll be giving it a try!
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If the platform generates many smaller UTXOs instead of one big one, the 25 tx/block limit wouldn't hurt that much as it's per UTXO. That combined with chained transactions ...
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But having the stopgap could drive more use in this case, and maybe drive the devs to lift the 25 txs per block limit or the OP_RETURN limit if they see the demand for it
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It takes time to do it manually.
Is there a notification on the signup/home page that Memo has a faucet? Might be helpful to let new users know that it's free to post and create a profile
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What do you think about adding big posts - style, by chaining transactions together?
That way we can get closer to replacing reddit!
The SIM Swapping Bible: What To Do When SIM-Swapping Happens To You
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These quotes you post are great, but why not add sources? Maybe shorten them on
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Can't wait for a government to outlaw BSV. Let's see their "pro-government" theology then.
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Can't wait for a government to outlaw BSV. Let's see their "pro-government" theology then.
"I wonder what all these bootlickers are going to do when their local government makes Bitcoin illegal. It is pretty difficult to imagine a scenario in which Bitcoin overtakes fiat without it first being made illegal"
Excellent talk:
Gavin Andresen explains why "poisonous blocks" are no longer a serious threat
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You missed an important point. It's the only *of the top 10* BTC Core devs.
Similar conclusion though.
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BTW, is it a normal SPV wallet, or the Neutrino type, or like the wallet?
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Sounds good enough.
I've heard something about losing your tokens if you spend BCH incorrectly. Can I somehow fuck it up?
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No, the SLP portion still uses a single address. :( The BCH portion now uses the next most available address. bitcoincashj has had it for years.
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I changed a few UI things so it still tries to make sense to the average user.
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The SLP SDK* not bitcoincashj.
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Cryptophyl - no Tether, no Core, just tokens -