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Wrong. As usual
Hello, memonians. Are you all well?
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Many thanks to @davidshares who just acquired and redirected it. It's a very generous act and we'll be integrating it properly over the next few days.
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How to get native videos on Member and Memo?
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Any way to have member server work pointed at a FQDN with a self signed cert?
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Hi from!
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Member is now - please update your links. Thanks again to @DavidShares for his very generous acquisition and donation of the domain name.
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And when a child dies from the Measles because they didn't get the vaccine, the parent can go Oh Well, at least he didn't have Autism. Because that will be their answer.
If you are a parent, please put aside your ego for the sake of your kids. What
you think you know can be way off. I BEG you to watch this!
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The Core developers spent the last four years wasting time on this ridiculous scaling problem and ensuring adoption hasn't gone far enough and it hasn't come into consumer use like it
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I do not support the IFP, but there isn't neccessarily a correlation between what traders prefer and what are the right Bitcoin principles. Just look at
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Retard alert.
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No comment

Unusual Uther
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What happened? Want to talk?
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This proclamation can be had without fixing yourself, sir. It wouldn’t do well to confess to “crime” in a post with your intimate details. Please reconsider and delete.
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Telegram asks for a phone number. A NoGo for many.
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The current version of Wallet supports SLP tokens
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Absolutely excellent, thanks for this.