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This will be my last post on memeo. Unemployed under an Enhanced Community Quarantine. A few infected covid19 cases in our region. Only have 1 week worth of supply left. 🙏🙏🙏
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BCH brings sound money to the world.
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Day 9 of the Extreme Enhanced Community Quarantine. This is getting scary. We are almost starving to death, the starvation will kill us first before the virus does..
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Memo peeps, kindly support my Freehand Artwork in Twitter.

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Unusual Uther
That's Dragon Ball Z.. lol
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Unusual Uther
Flame of Recca Opening Theme on Piano
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Hope you will like it Kind Sire
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Raining SATs??
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Should I drink a cup of coffee?
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Many great reasons from many on why not to implement this new whateverucallit.
But i doubt Cartel cares.No debate.
A few months back almost the whole crypto world said delist HEX but its still there.
No debate LOL
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Crypto peeps like Tommy Mustache has been extending a helping hand to my fellow countrymen. Any amount are highly appreciated 😊

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We do have a Probiotic drink named Yakult which you can buy on every variety stores Nationwide. It's a Lactobacilli Shirota Strain.