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Hey guys! I am Dolios, also member at and quite a believer in bitcoin cash :)

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731d · How can I create a VPS?
The ones listed above does not have residential IPs anyway. Vultr is very good and so is HostUp
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Even the developments coming to BTC are hardly an improvement. Things like tap root are worthless.
Memo &'s videos are the two things that keeps me clam about BCH's future. Everyday there is something new to share. Technology advancements for BCH and speculative advancements for BTC :P #dailymemo
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Golang (version 1.9)
MySQL (version 5.5)
Bitcoin node (ABC, Unlimited, etc)
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Sounds awesome! What kind of server are we talking about here?
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😂If you can count the free BCH I got from the wallet then yeah I guess so :D So rich!
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Hey guys! I am Dolios, also member at and quite a believer in bitcoin cash :)
760d · Bitcoin Cash
Jokes aside. Next month I will hopefully be a holder of BCH :)
760d · Bitcoin Cash
Hi freends. Hardly working on fixing my bags?
Lightning fast #dailymemo
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It would be awesome if there was a wallet watcher, or somekind of built in function in the BCH wallet for automatic callbacks for merchants
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It is ecommerce so this is not really relevant for me. The issue is when you want to make transactions automatic. Then you need to go with 3rd party solutions to get API callbacks etc.
769d · Airdrops
Free money please.
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wish me luck freeend
Hardly working on fixing your bags
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A memo a day keeps the lightning away. #dailymemo :P
One thing I've learned from posting a #dailymemo a day is that time moves slower than it feels. It's only been four months since I started but it feels like at least twice that. Need to be patient with BCH as well.
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Hey all:) I am Dolios over at hostup and we accept bitcoin. I would really want to accept bitcoin cash too, but the only way for merchants is to do so via a 3rd party if they want API. Let's make it peer to peer guys!
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Hey guys! I am Dolios, also member at and quite a believer in bitcoin cash :)
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What is best wallet for Bitcoin Cash? 10 votes · 1,666 satoshis
Coinbase 1 votes · 0 satoshis
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nice to meet you too :)
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This is quite big for people who are most valuable to the network who actually wants to hold Bitcoin cash because they believe in it, and not instantly convert it to fiat.