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Anyone know why a block hasn't cleared in the last 2 hours?
Looks like another stresstest is underway.
Last tip to txblastercollect did not register.
@esthon huge thanks for your time and effort working on txblaster.
Downloaded Handcash yet??? Post you handles and get a bit of coin.
@BitcoinCashHoader. Will do what I can. Diverting coin from what I would use to onboard new users with Cointext and Handcash. Hoping more will eventually follow and contribute small tips.
Hasn't registered my last tip earlier this evening.
Toronto BCH meetup at Betty's 240 King St East, Sat.Sept 29 from 7-9pm.
Will test a bit again today. Hoping BCH will maintain a million tx's per day for an entire week.
Correct me if i'm wrong but did we just have a 32mb block. stats:Mempool Size:211595 transactions  Your Total TX Sent:0 transactions  TX in past 24 hours:2,116,987 transactions (provided by
Stresstest starting at 8 EST. 25 min to go.
Txstreet seems to be down.
Might be a good idea to check out txhighway for an alternative view of the test.
Trying a bit larger test at Sept 1 only a week away.
Trying again. 3400tx's.
Looks like it was a short burst to 22tx/sec.
BTC streetest going on. Check out txstreet or txhighway.
@hifrom_laura - post your new handcash handle pls.
@alberto could you handcash me 530 bolivars. Will return payment to you. Tomorrow 5 - 0's will be dropped and I'd like a tx before. $sudzee
Thanks @ txBlaster2. Nice to see 3/4 bus full. Will do it again soon.
Reply button on message i tipped is not available only view and tip.