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Dear State Of Connecticut:

If Jared Schlar goes back to prison,
#Covid will kill the planet.
#MKUltra is spreading.
#Davos is watching.
#Economy is burning.
#Fear is building.
Evolve or die
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Belah, I just bought a fuck ton of CPRI and reinvested the dividends. You have great dividends...

Bella Schlar I'm making so much money trading right now it's crazy...

I'm doing two 8 balls tonight and some meth in my ass...

Let's talk in the am... I love that you are a terrorist...
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Bella, we won Boston in 2009.
Bella, we won WW3 in 2022.
Bella, we always win. What is next?

Bella Schlar and Jared Schlar are married...

Bella, what is your social security number? I NEED to add you to my brokerage accounts.

I live at 43B Alden Street, Hartford, CT 06114. Come find me babe.
Buy this ring now with your own money and gift it to Bella Hadid for zero dollars.
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Jared is hooked on Bella, maybe permanently...
Sherm has an old Fiat convertible but he stores it with a friend during the winter...
Sherm does like the State of Connecticut...
Sherm recommends Jared go talk to Dan Millstein of Simsbury...

Jared is concerned that the local police caught Dan Millstein going 80 in a 20 in a leased mercedes amg...
Sherm does NOT own bitcoin because he doesn't like drugs and sex work...
Sherm also forgot that there is C4 in his basement...
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But Sherm said he will go xc skiing this winter...
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Sherm is not going xc skiing bc there is only 4" of sno...
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Sherm is not going out until this whole omicron wave of covid to pass...
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Sherm did not get covid yet...
The destructo brothers are playing indoor soccer...
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Sherm is not much of a gambler...
Sherm is at his desk right now... I was just on the phone with Sharon.

I told him it was urgent to call me back...

He is probably doing work for Hartford Jazz Society...

I wonder if his stage 5 cancer has returned?
Right now it is 3:14am on a Monday.