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replied 119d
Mark my words, he would never come here ever. Even if it is such a better option, more than likely his arrival would prompt the alert of Memo.cash webhost to ban the site.
151d · Memo
The memo mobile app has been experiencing some crashes recently. That issue should be resolved now temporarily. We will be releasing an app update in a few days that should fix the issue for good.
BTC is now a religion fyi

shun the nonbelievers
153d · member
Two new filter options for you today, you lucky dog. v5.1.1+

member.cash - See It Your Way
replied 153d
In today’s world, not having your face, fingerprints and DNA in a database somewhere is basically a superpower. You become a ghost human (like a “ghost gun”)
153d · bitcoin cash
153d · bitcoin cash
KYC is playing Russian Roulette with your data.

You have no idea the competence or capability financial institutions have in keeping your data private.

You're pulling the trigger every time you play the KYC game.
Calm_down_stupid 15kFCL
replied 155d
The beggars and the constant stream of idiots who think they have discovered a genius way to get rich by creating a gazillion tokens and then selling them, have really damaged the site
replied 156d
When i first came a year ago there were a more varied bunch of (crypto-neutral) people here. Now mostly beggars and die-hards.
161d · Bitcoin
It makes sense for a large BCH holder to obliterate the ABC chain. If ABC dies, BCH looks less fractured, and perceived as less likely to fracture in future. It is just.... Game Theory.
@zquestz has a Member mirror at http://member.bchd.cash

You can have one too.
165d · bitcoin abc
I guess ABC got replay protection of a sort from this miner.
166d · member
I wish Memo/Member allowed you to set a custom posting fee that increased the stickiness of your post. I want to see quality content outranking beggars and I also want to see these sites earning money.
With the price increase, I worry I may have too much funds kept on Memo...
Millions of regular people buying #Bitcoin to escape inflation and financial censorship are going to be surprised when they can't really use it without someone else's permission.
165d · bitcoin abc
The malicious miner who is mining empty blocks on Bitcoin ABC chain has included some transactions containing the message "There was never a funding problem."
Ironic that the people who are most opposed to mandatory lockdowns are generally the same people doing stupid shit —like not wearing masks while collected in large groups indoors — that make lockdowns necessary.
replied 167d
The miner is writing "Nov 25th 2020" in the coinbase: https://blockchair.com/bitcoin-abc/block/661746
168d · Bitcoin
replied 169d
This guide helped me. Its actually very easy - https://keepbitcoinfree.org/splitting-bch-bcha-slp-tokens/
replied 169d
Try to import your private key into electron cash SLP version and select an BCHA server. It should work.