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5d · bitcoin cash
BTC needs to update it's not for people making less than $2 a day narrative -- https://read.cash/@FUBAR-BDHR/btc-needs-to-update-its-not-for-people-making-less-than-2-a-day-narrative-5bd33963
7d · bitcoin cash
93d · gardening
Starting out the 2021 garden with some freshly planted geranium seeds.

Converted the basement shower into a greenhouse again this year. Even bought some shelves for it.
replied 119d
Mark my words, he would never come here ever. Even if it is such a better option, more than likely his arrival would prompt the alert of Memo.cash webhost to ban the site.
replied 118d
Seek professional help.
119d · us politics/trump
Please no one tell Trump memo/member exist. If there is one idiot I don't want anywhere near BCH it's him.
replied 127d
| receiving addresses for coins on other chains.
replied 127d
| memo.cash and member.cash. Just checked my addresses again and had another .52 BCHA and even .01 BSV show up.

BTW a great plugin for electron cash would be one that checks all
replied 127d
Just because you split your coins doesn't mean you might not have more to split. Someone might send you some that haven't been split. This is especially true of sites like read.cast
127d · bitcoin cash
Just a reminder in the new year don't forget to check for old coins.
134d · bitcoin cash
replied 135d
| next one if necessary will be for the remaining amount.

Thank you to anyone that contributes.
replied 135d
| to jump in price that fast). So far what has been pledged will be given to her even if the campaign isn't complete. The few contributors are just going to send it to her anyway. The
replied 135d
| like to contribute you can do so here: http://flipstarter.fubar.org

If the campaign isn't complete another will be started after Christmas for a lower amount (wasn't expecting BCH
replied 135d
| it. Trying to keep it a surprise. So far about 3 BCH have been contributed with just over 1 more BCH confirmed but not sent yet. It would be nice to get this completed. If you would
replied 135d
I must say this has been quite a bit harder to complete than I thought. I no longer have contact info for most of her old regulars and I can't use twitter without her finding out about
135d · flipstarter
Only 15 hours left to complete the Flipstarter for a new system to help RoyalTiffany continue spreading adoption
139d · us politics/trump
139d · us politics/trump
145d · bitcoin cash
replied 146d
| reminder RoyalTiffany could use one too. Flipstater here: http://flipstarter.fubar.org
replied 146d
| still had a few more to pull. Some will be reused, some replaced, and a bunch were left over from bitcoin miners so into storage they will go.

While on the topic of upgrades just a
replied 146d
| only SVGA. So while I was at it decided to put in a new 16 port HDMI KVM. Started by cleaning out all the unused and old wires. These are 2 of the piles. Some more on my desk and I
replied 146d
I decided I needed a new file server after one of my HDD failed in my old one. It's like 12 years old figured it was time. That meant another computer with HDMI video and my KVM is
146d · computer hardware
What happens when you decide to clean up your rack mount cabinet wiring after 17 years: