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Necessity is mother of all inventions (and progress) not Capitalism. Greed for power & money is root of all evil.


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The #fuckingcapitalists need to waste enormous amount of resources buying the government so they can maintain diminishing power.
The #fuckingcapitalists have lied to you about what an economy really is for centuries. Fuck then and their agenda of lies.
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This will be my LAST memo post using BCH... switching to BSV now... 65K characters to write as much as you like... you should try it using sv.memo.cash
you already have, you stupid twat
eat shit fuckhead
Roger is a traitor... Bitcoin supporter my ass... and same goes for every other fucker that sided with ABC crooks.. you dumb fucks.
And funny how you like to call me maternally challenged yet you are the dumb fuck that went AGAINST Bitcoin system when you sided with hijacked BCH... you dumb... ignorant fuck.
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· 22 days ago
Go fuck yourself, mentally challenged are only people who ignore facts
what should crack you up is EVIDENCE that showed that everything Marx criticized Capitalism for, actually came true. Do you get it? Na, you don't.... stay ignorant.
You are a moron
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correction: If you still like Capitalism, and think its a good system, your mind is very much right there in their Matrix
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If you still like Capitalism, and this its a good system, your mind is very much right there in their Matrix
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System that promotes exploitation of work of others is a system which is anti-humanity, anti-social... anti everything that we as humans are meant to stand for.
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Western Capitalist culture is the Matrix (materialism, individualism, consumerism, war profiteering, propaganda, brainwashing in the "educational" system... all creations in Capitalist society (US & UK)
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This is the actual Matrix most people still live in (I see it now)
Outcomes of the Capitalist system rules, have NOT BEEN GOOD... as PREDICTED by Marx & others well in advance. Their predictions came true, yet you IGNORANT FOOLS still can't see this
SYSTEM is not defined or measured as good or bad by type of individual that uses it. SYSTEM is defined as good or bad by RULES it has and outcomes that can come from those rules.
Fools never admit their mistake, they are too proud to admit they were wrong. Only wise and smart people admit when they were wrong.
what do u think of 200 char OP RETURN limit on BCH? BSV 65,000 limit. BSV block max 103 MB mined. Wu bankrupt. Do u concede u made mistake supporting Amaury instead of Satoshi Vision?
Don't feel bad for me, you should feel bad for yourself for not understanding the damn thing.
Anyone that actually understands Bitcoins system, why PoW is the actual key to it all, takes me seriously. People who won't are those who see surfaced things & labels only.
Also those bottlenecks are all created by Core crooks, and BSV coders are slowly removing them, one by one. Bitcoin System is what Satoshi created and said: "v0.1 is set in stone"
Bitcoin System is P2P Electronic Cash System but is one that's meant to function as outlined in the Bitcoin white paper. CTOR, DSV, Avalance, centralised checkpoints are not part of it
The Bitcoin system is becoming like a law a physics itself: Any other permutation just doesn’t work