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replied 54d
my favorite thing in 2020 is bought my own television to stay update whats happening in the world
replied 54d
my favorite things in 2020 i had my own television to stay update on what happening in the world and i also watched my fav.cartoons
replied 59d
merry Christmas sir uther 🙏⛄ hope will i receive some gift
replied 64d
hoping to receive precious gift from you sir uther 🙏
replied 65d
Unusual Uther

merry Christmas sir uther my friend i wish you will notice me at this time this is my cute christmas tree
replied 203d

i am still hoping to receive some bch to buy food stock for my family .its empty fridge 😭
replied 205d
huhu i want this pizza what is that flavor sir uther?
replied 206d
lily and chicky 😍😍
replied 207d

my chicken pet 🤗😁 hope will receive their feeds from your tips 🙏
replied 212d
my favorite lettuce 😍 it is nutritious vegetables and have fibre
replied 212d
wow cool robot vaccum . i never know that theres a robot vacuum there coz here at my country then vacuum is a kind of appliance easily use and manual
replied 212d
Unusual Uther
hi friend uther how are you ? hope you help me its pandemic here i need milk everyday night 😭🙏 i cant sleep if i didnt drink milk
replied 265d
Unusual Uther
owh common !
replied 277d
Unusual Uther
i like number 2
what a problem why no one cares and helps with this memo
im getting bored in memo 😒
replied 287d
that is true
replied 287d
i dont have work at all because im too young age and now my schooling is affected from this ecq
replied 296d
Unusual Uther
I was voted already for the last 2hours why im not still include there ? It is base on your time ?
replied 297d
Looks like castle of rapunzel 🥀
replied 298d
Unusual Uther
Cant wait to see pictures
replied 298d
Unusual Uther
Cant to see pictures
replied 304d
Sometime oil is expensives sometimes it become low
replied 308d
Unusual Uther
replied 310d
Yeah its so cheap .refill it to your car until get high the price but how can i do that i dont have a car