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replied 1h
no, besides the red dot on the yellow bell no other notifications appeared.
from other websites I do get notifications and in the Brave settings Members is listed for notifications
replied 1h
I digged into brave://settings/...
Most things required to get notifications where turned on but not all, so I changed that.
replied 1h
@Vrijheidradio got a notification when I replied but only one time
replied 1h
my other account is @Vrijheidradio that was made to post my podcast
replied 1h
I have the suspicion that it could have to do with ffmpeg because in a windows desktop I had to manually install that often when I want to edit mp4.
(I use LBRY on a Linux desktop btw)
replied 1h
ok, I uploaded until I got a notification that it has been uploaded, but the LBRY software is still running on the background after I click it away, isn't it?.
replied 1h
I checked that too on both computers. I get 1 time a notification in the left corner but the second and third time I replied it didn't do anything
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replied 13h
thanks for the warning mate, I did not click on the link
but what happens if I do?
replied 14h
I think Brave and Opera do. I use Mozilla very rare
replied 14h
I tried latest FIrefox and some chromium based browsers but no alerts.
I noticed that everytime I check settings I can activate it again. Is that normal?
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replied 16h
I tried in a few different browsers but in non of them I got alerts. what browser did you use?
replied 16h
replied 16h
now I test you
replied 16h
testing in Mozilla
replied 18h
ah I saw it. I saw "allow notifications" below "Notifications" and thought it was all set but guess I had to click it .
Think it works now
replied 18h
guess it doesn't work.I got 2 likes but no notification while I was on Twitch
replied 19h
all right, I'm in member and it's on.
replied 19h; go to the notifications page and enable it by clicking the button
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