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Ordering doesn't need to be on-chain. Look at plants, arbitrary ordering is done by the flowers and leaves, not the roots. Relay nodes need to be paid to do the heavy ordering.
Nah, we're just glad you toxic people are gone while you burn your finite bitcoins and lawyer up for your ICOs.
Anytime it enjoys some uptick, they will split the chain and kill the momentum. They have no defined vision or definite roadmap.
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· 15 days ago
Good luck with bch. RISE Bitcoin SV.
Sell that bcash.
SV means Bitcoin v0.1 as originally intended. Nothing to do with block size because that was never a permanent issue. Not that hard to understand.
Yeah bcash has that ticker.
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· 18 days ago
So much salt. Delicious.
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· 18 days ago
Shame on what? Only one side broke faith by setting checkpoints. This is how Bitcoin should work, competitively.
You must be new to Bitcoin v0.1
"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." - Hippocrates
This is the deathbed vigil for bcash.
The market will never accept bcash. There is only Bitcoin SV.
No doubt about that.
Don't feed the trolls. lol
Sure we do. They are upstanding party members working for their president-for-life.
Your champion bent the knee to BS. That will not be forgiven. Zero or replay protection surrender are your only options. Your salt is tasty.
I suspect it's very much both. That's why I'm for more privacy, but still accountability, so it needs to be economic incentive, not identity except at second level.
It's funny, but BSV could support the original Ripple concept before it was acquired by Ripple Labs, Inc.
ABC only needs to replay protect its chain and Bitmain can happily go back to mining BTC secure in the knowledge that altcoins will spread like STDs and they can keep selling shovels. It's so easy.
Ridiculous assertion. It's like saying a flintlock is an assault rifle. That's why we have juries and judges to determine intent and spirit of law.
Surprise! It's been here since January 9, 2009.
Why do you think Bitcoin v0.1has never changed, just because the name is the same?