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This is the deathbed vigil for bcash.
ABC only needs to replay protect its chain and Bitmain can happily go back to mining BTC secure in the knowledge that altcoins will spread like STDs and they can keep selling shovels. It's so easy.
BAB is just a grey-web platform for ponzi schemes and easy to shut down by regulators. No legit business will want it.
Roger thinks he's ahead in a sailboat race when actually there is a Great Wright Shark hunting him.
COSTLY BCH WARS - Hash Wars or Ego wars? CNBC interview with Roger and Craig.
Looks like the ABC checkpoint temporarily fixed memo. My messages weren't going through for awhile.
test 3
Bitcoin is really dead. I deleted my 7 year Reddit account. Long live the banks.
Now that BCH is a securities platform, time to learn ERC721 and sell wooden nickels.
Most of the old bitcoiners have fat wallets and forgot to stay hungry. That's how you lose.
Nobody wants a boxing fight where one side jumps out of the ring. They won't jump out of boxing ring and hunt you down. They'll just laugh and sell fight tickets to real paying fight fans.
You may be an uber coder and you may understand crypto tokens, but neither of those qualifies you to understand Bitcoin. Be Edison or be Tesla.
I'm not going to attack Ver because we all make mistakes. I hope he reaches out to Gavin and does some soul searching. Let's get the band back together!
Watching YT looking for the best Hash War stream.
Markets smell fear. Please beg for mercy.
One way or another, this will be the last major upgrade or downgrade, however you see it for BCH. Enough of the protocol kludges!
Roger Ver must be doing some soul searching right now.
To those trying to find any rational discussion anywhere in cryptocurrency social media:
Anyone that says deleting posts is shunning and not censorship was probably home-schooled.
Jimmy Song is a better cowboy than public speaker.
BTC get to the back of the line!
That stress test was shorter than the fireworks display in Springfield.