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Bitcoin from before BTC split away from bitcoin, that is address which hold unsplit coins, are to be called 'whole bitcoins'
And now I've no idea what movie that was
Gatorade with steroids (TM) has conquered another goverment
YOU'VE BEEN BANNED. Reason: Alt-coin shilling
There can also, be only one, only time will tell
There can be only one
bchtalk is a scam website
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Did anyone think the heights would converge again for good?
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or the price could go up after the halving. i think BCH is undervalued with all the adoption going on around it, so it is also a possible scenario.
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What is your favourite alcohol?
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so I can keep up with everything this site can do
opp wrong thread
The army of J Pollock clones has taken Paris
2: "I don't know but it reeks of children"
"What is this place?
"Hey Mikey-Mikey" (pours glass of liquid from one cup to second cup)
If he was a single person, they've done a good job so far ti seems.
fruit salad trees or planet hoping and reproducing robots from earth?
Nixon resurrected! - Tonight only, Nixon vs. Uncle Ben
nematodes in the dirt