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9d · COVID-19
It's unlikely that the #fuckingcapitalists are going to actually punish the covidiot antivaxer fucktards who make them lots of money.
9d · covid-19
Antivaxer covidiot fucktard catches covid AGAIN. This time going for his lungs. What a goddamn idiot.
10d · covid-19
King of the shit magats tells covidiot antivaxer fucktards to get vaccinated. Even the dumbest pol in history knows better than them.
11d · #ReconnectJulian
11d · COVID-19
Covidiot antivaxer fucktards are now drinking their own piss in order to own the libs or w/e. Fucking pathetic morons beyond parody.
11d · COVID-19
11d · COVID-19
Covidiot antivaxer fucktards are literally wasting their last dying breathes telling you to not get vaccinated as they die to covid. Idiots.
11d · COVID-19
Once again, as usual, antivaxer covidiot fucktards have misconstrued and exaggerated information like the assholes they are. Fuck them.
11d · #911Truth
11d · capitalism
The #fuckingcapitalists are exploiting crises and making obscene profits while blaming governments and you for their own bullshit.
11d · COVID-19
Antivaxer covidiot fucktards will kill you for profits and political agendas. They will see you murdered in the street if they can get $
12d · covid-19
The covidiot antivaxer fucktards who are celebrating the meaningless "from"/"with" distinction are only happy because they want to openly engage in eugenics like the #fuckingcapitalists want to.
13d · COVID-19
The only people more dangerous than the antivaxer covidiot fucktards are the #fuckingcapitalists who are pushing people back into work/school in the face of the biggest most dangerous wave yet.
21d · covid-19
The #fuckingcapitalists are encouraging covidiot antivaxer fucktards to continue to generate and spout lies and nonsense that they know nothing about. They want to kill you for money and privilege
22d · Marx
22d · covid-19
Covidiot antivaxer fucktards would rather make homemade moonshine "medicine" than listen to experienced medical professionals who have studied and worked for decades on the issue. Goddamn morons.
23d · covid-19
Covidiot antivaxer fucktards are being fooled into believing bullshit for the benefit of the #fuckingcapitalists. God what morons they are.
24d · covid-19
Covidiot antivaxer fucktards who themselves are vaccinated want you to suffer and die for their political agendas. They hate you.
25d · News
25d · covid-19
Covidiot antivaxer terrorists in French Fry revolution at Burger King. Fucking idiot losers all of them. What fucktards.
27d · Science
27d · Space
27d · global warming
Happy holidays you filthy animals.
29d · capitalism
Humanity will never be free as long as the #fuckingcapitalists run things.