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50m · covid-19
None of these covidiot fucks know anything about science or medicine. Don't listen to them. Get vaccinated. Save your own life/the lives of others. Don't fall for their racist fascist Nazi shit
1d · covid-19
Covidiot fucktards are the worst.
1d · US Politics/Trump
1d · US Politics/Trump
1d · Resource Based Economy
1d · global warming
1d · COVID-19
You covidiot fuckers are going to be counted alright. As a fucking death statistic.
1d · COVID-19
3d · US Politics/Trump
I think bitcoinnational is part of this same botfarm/disinformation factory.
3d · covid-19
I hope they keep you bioterrorists off of planes and out of public life for good. Your stupidity is dangerous and deadly.
3d · US Politics/Trump
Qtard magats are addicted to losing.
4d · covid-19
You fucking racist Nazi covidiots are such an embarrassment to yourselves. God what losers.
4d · US Politics/Trump
Qtard magats waste time and money on bullshit audit that does nothing but steal voter data and enrich charlatans. Fuck you.
4d · Capitalism
The #fuckingcapitalists destroy everyone and everything of real value. We must oppose them at all times and in all places. Their greed will destroy us if we let it.
replied 4d
You dumb piece of shit, people were being found dead all over the place. If the vaccine were killing people we would know about it you goddamn asshole. They'd be dead all over. Moron.
4d · COVID-19
4d · US Politics/Trump
Pathetic loser qtard magats still can't get over losing, continue to waste money, steal date and threaten democracy. Fuckers.
4d · COVID-19
Republican shitfuckers continue their war on the public by hiring covidiots to run the state into the ground. Goddamn them to hell.
5d · Capitalism
The #fuckingcapitalists want you to believe the problems they created are your fault. They are not. They're a result of their monstrous greed and incredible narcism.
5d · global warming
5d · Racism
Nazis and white supremacists upset that their minority population in the world keeps shrinking.
5d · covid-19
Faux News won't let you in the building if you're a covidiot antivaxer.
5d · global warming
5d · Capitalism
The #fuckingcapitalists cannot excuse entirely the human desire to cooperate and help others. We will survive despite their unending monstrous greed. It won't be easy or pretty but we will live.