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Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, I'm still new to crypto
I feel like crypto would be a way of the future, it's private and the federal government can't touch it like if you put money in the bank.
Rock am Ring 2003
\M/ Full Concert \M/

Flowering Shrub
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I survived
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Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!
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Celebrate your independence, Memo now supports muting!
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and also a happy 5th and 6th and so on
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I like how memo turns every interaction into a moment for potential value exchange. BCH can incentivize us to treat each other better. #dailymemo
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Happy 4th!
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Happy 4th of July everyone!
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It's been two years since I bought my first bitcoin. Amazing how much my thinking has changed ever since. Bitcoin has helped me find my passion again. #dailymemo
Communism failed before their governments fell. It failed when it could not economically compete with capitalism. Then it failed when it couldn't work how to feed it's people
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This video hurts me on the inside on so many levels
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I think USDH is traded on Coinex as well
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Basically nothing. Most of the ones made here are for fun. USDH and BTC2 have utility on sideshift.io but that's it.
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Hello, I have a question about these tokens I get, what exactly can I do with them?