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@cryptogenic1 Welcome to memo.cash!
I'm not sure what's remarkable about this image... can someone enlighten me?
test memo
post things & interact with posts on yours.org
tippr is great but I like u/chaintip b/c on-chain
BCH community so woke
http://www.imabi.net/ is also a good resource
WaniKani for kanji practice
Check out JapanesePod101 for listening practice
@Telesfor hilarious. BTC failures abound
Getting purse.io back would be nice. Soon I hope
Free the market, free the world
@Hifrom_laura I'll send u $20 in BCH if you make the first one
@bobymicjohn there's a denver page on meetup.com
have to pay in BCH to bash BCH
It warms the cockles of my heart that trolls
/r/bitcoin is heavily censored.
The earth is not flat. It's a triangular prism.
The earth is a dodecahedron, change my mind
It's the only way to justify their absurd L2 scaling plans